33 Days & COUNTING!

For the next (roughly) month or so, Lloyd Harmon is raising funds for the studio time that will translate into his HSAL debut. The goal is for the trio (Lloyd, Tyler, & Judah) to spend a week with Chris Schlarb in mid-July. From now until then, the trio will be playing shows in support of this effort. Additionally, Harmon will be seeking to convert interest into action from his fanbase & beyond via online crowdfunding.

Assuming you are familiar with Kickstarter, Harmon’s gift tiers for support are rather standard, except that you will be receiving one-of-a-kind visual & sonic art from LLOYD HARMON! To say this guy is on another plane is to understand his magic. Custom tees, exclusive access to live performances, & more are being offered up in exchange for assistance in making this record a reality…

LLOYD HARMON - press shot B (4x4, 150 dpi)

Click here to be a part of Lloyd Harmon’s Kickstarter effort!


HSAL Roster Ad (May 2016)

Your friendly neighborhood record label is near ecstatic to share our new lineup! Assuming you have been following us since the beginning, you have seen/heard records from TLVS & asentimentalsong (both acts were part of our 10″ series a few years back). No introductions needed there. Over the past year, honeybrandy has developed into an ethereal drone project all to itself (both Joey & Nathan are members of TLVS). On the strength of recent Lynchstock performances & sheer creative output, HSAL is uber-proud to welcome KillGXXD & Lloyd Harmon to the family. Both of these additions will be working on new releases over the summer months. For KillGXXD, it will be his first foray into live instrumentation as he partners with several folks from the Hill City musical scene. Lloyd Harmon, alongside of his stunning rhythm section, will be tracking material for a new EP with Chris Schlarb (countless collaborative recordings, the Psychic Temple being his most recent trend).

As we work through the back half of 2016, look for the following releases to surface:

  • #29: honeybrandy/Oahu – (AUG/SEP) split cassette with each group presenting a single 20+ minute composition!
  • #30: KillGXXD – (late winter/early spring) CDEP mixing original material & a choice cover or two…LIVE INSTRUMENTS!
  • #31: Lloyd Harmon – (early fall) CDEP of “RA-K35H” material. Mainly the trio, but a few guests may sneak in!



While you are checking all the great art (sounds & visions) at Lynchstock, be sure to check out the TLVS merch table for great prices on some out of print titles! Oh & don’t forget to hashtag “HSALart” on any pictures or video from the discover stage since Joanna’s backdrop & bass drum design are most likely photobombing your shot.

Today is also the day that we debut our most recent FREE COMP! HSAL #28 is over a half hour of new jams, many of which have been unreleased until now. CHECK IT!


Goings On ‘Round The Camp!

As we prepare for the fourth annual Lynchstock Music Festival, we thought it high time to catch eager readers up on different things that are happening under our roof:

  • TLVS is working out a solid set for their appearance on the Lynchstock “Discover” stage. They will be playing at 1230P – sandwiched between local rock outfits Arson’s Harbor & FIN. We are so proud to have the fellas representing not only our family but the Hill City’s penchant for interesting, engaging rock music.

TLVS Banner Creation (2x2 150)

  • Joanna has really gone over the top on prepping art for the festival. Not only has she designed the “Discover” stage visuals (including a special edition bass drum head for the backline!), she’s taken to creating an eight foot wide flag for TLVS to fly during the afternoon. If you get any pictures of her work, be sure to tag it “#HSALart” on social media.
  • We have just confirmed a split cassette release between honeybrandy & Oahu, a solo drone project from Todd Webb (Toddbot, Seamonster)! The cassette will be a single composition from each act (honeybrandy on the A side, oahu on the B side). Both acts are looking to submit their recordings this spring, with a late summer release date. If all goes to plan, HSAL will be setting up a pair of release shows – one in each acts hometown (Lynchburg & Virginia Beach, respectively).


Some awesome things go down in our hometown ’round this time each year. Have been for the past few years now. Next month, the fourth annual Lynchstock Music Festival will be taking place at Benjamin’s out in neighboring Forest, VA. How is HSAL involved? SO GLAD YOU ASKED!

  • TLVS will be playing again this year! Joe, Joey & Nathan will be pushing the sonic boundaries of festival goers with their brand of instrumental rock action. Word is they will be playing some new material that may or may not surface later this year.
  • HSAL has been asked to assist by running one of the stages this year! While there are a lot of efforts coming together for this story, the short version is that Joanna’s artwork will be the backdrop for the stage. We will be building a multi-layered presentation based on Joanna’s recent gelli prints. We are SUPREMELY THRILLED at the prospect of Joanna’s work photobombing pics of everyone’s favorite bands…

Lynchstock Poster

New Hill City Eye & Ear Control!

HILL CITY - Cover Art 021316

This weekend, Hill City Eye & Ear Control once again assumed the responsibilities of incidental music at the annual “Sonnets & Chocolates” gala for Endstation Theatre Company. The quartet took to a dimly lit corner of the space, set up three SM57’s & a Beta 52 & ran a simple four track mix into a cassette recorder. Nearly an hour of completely improvised sounds were captured. “As Commerce Overlooks The River” represents the mood created as local dignitaries began their evening & Endstation began their tenth season. Many thanks to Walter Kmiec for inviting the Eye & Ear Control back this time around.

Hill City Eye & Ear Control, “As Commerce Overlooks The River”