HSAL #33 – “Iconostasis”

Last month, Joey & Nathan tracked what will become honeybrandy‘s debut full-length. While they are working out details for that record (NOTE: it’s really a next level affair. Stay tuned!), the duet has turned in “Iconostasis”.

Tracked in Nathan’s basement, which doubles as the group’s rehearsal space, this collection of 2016 recordings hints at the skin in which this duet will continue to find comfort. It’s a 32-minute vigil where tension is established between solace-inducing drones & found sounds that play like nearly-forgotten memories.


So, THAT happened…


(clockwise from left: Joey Wright, Phillip Greenlief, Kris Tiner, Chris Schlarb, Nathan McGlothlin)

To say this past weekend was magical would be to understate its impact. HSAL traveled to southern California to mix down some new TLVS tunes & have honeybrandy cut a record with some seriously heavy hitters.

Nathan & Joey from TLVS spent a day working through the sounds that Chris Schlarb had captured at the Old City Cemetery Chapel back in July. A tweek here, an assembly direction there, & the involvement of a vintage Lexicon Prime Time delay unit later…the group now has fresh recordings of two new songs that have been bookending recent sets (“Stencils”, “Fragaria (Virginia)”). We are currently exploring options on how to share these tunes with you all.

On Friday, honeybrandy set up in Long Beach’s Big Ego Studios for a whirlwind session that drank freely from session guests Kris Tiner (trumpet), Phillip Greenlief (reeds), & studio owner Chris Schlarb (electric guitar). In the span of a day, nearly two hours of complete improvisation was captured. Reflecting on the session, Tiner described it as “weightless, effortless, sensitive and transcendent music”. Alongside of Schlarb, the duo took to listening back & mixing down the material on Sunday. Needless to say, we are ecstatic with the results & can’t wait to unveil this work.

…oh, & due to our avid fandom of “Arrested Development”, we paid a visit to the RMS Queen Mary, which has been docked in Long Beach harbor since 1967.


Live @ Riverviews Artspace!

Benjamin Mauch performed a set at November’s “First Fridays” opening at Riverviews Artspace in Lynchburg VA. After performing in a duet called “AutArk”& taking in the visuals across the 8th annual juried art show, Mauch presented a set that included material from his latest full-length, “Golden Bay Garden” as well as some pieces that date back to early 2015.

“Golden Bay Garden”

“At The Old City Cemetery Chapel”


We’ve arrived at that time of the year where “holidays” are (not so subtly) creeping into the collective consciousness. November hold quite a bit in store for your friendly neighborhood record label. Here are some of the yarns being spun in our camp:

honeybrandy are heading to the left coast to cut their next record with much lauded engineer & HSAL friend Chris Schlarb at Big Ego in Long Beach, CA. They will be partnering with some heavy hitters from the free jazz world for this full length. in the coming year, look for Joey & Nathan to present this material in live settings featuring horn players from the right coast to round out the textures.

– Our next release will be a digital mixtape, courtesy of resident chameleon Lloyd Harmon. “Mima’s Mixtapes, Volume 1” (HSAL #35) promises to be a wild ride, with influences all over the map. Look for the mixtape to drop via bandcamp on November 22nd.

– JUST CONFIRMED! TLVS will be playing at Speakertree with Comrades & everett on Tuesday, November 8th! Get out & VOTE (!!!!) then come blow off some steam with some rad acts.

– We have curated a new mix on our soundcloud page. It features lots of vibe & atmosphere from most everyone in the HSAL nuclear family. All 36 minutes are available to stream in the player below…

New honeybrandy video!

honeybrandy, “A Means Of Ascent To Divine Vision

Earlier today, we received this video from the fellas in honeybrandy. One looks & we just HAD to share it. The piece is part of a collection called “Iconostasis”, which we will be releasing later this year. Joey & Nathan have also worked out some new visuals for their live set that they will be debuting this weekend at the Thank You Gallery when they help Todd Webb celebrate the opening of his latest drawings.

Next month, honeybrandy will be heading out west to track a new album with Chris Schlarb. More details to come, but needless to say, we are rather jazzed!!!

“Ben Mauch Special” (LIMITED TIME)


Here of late, your friendly neighborhood record label has been slinging cassettes like a champ! In our ongoing effort to connect you with quality sounds, we have cooked up this deal. $9 PPD scores you BOTH of Ben’s cassettes:

That’s right – POSTAGE PAID! You’re essentially getting “All My Friends” for free. This is over an hour’s worth of ambient journeys that marry up perfectly with earlier sunsets & a warm beverage in hand.

HURRY! This deal will run through Friday, October 14th! Hit us up: hardingstreet at gmail dot com…we’ll send you paypal instructions.

NOTE: Both of these releases include a digital copy. The codes will be provided by HSAL upon purchase.