First Friday highlights!

Last night, honeybrandy provided audio accompaniment to the gallery opening for Jillian Clark‘s “Preliminary Ceremonies” show. Huge thanks to Kim, Vic, & the rest of the crew down at Riverviews Artspace for inviting Joey & Nathan out for September’s “First Fridays” event. The duet’s next performance will be opening for Beth Austin’s photography exhibit down in Norfolk. Details on that show & all upcoming sets from HSAL acts may be found beyond the “live performances” link in our menu to the left of this article.

HB Joey 090216 (4x4, 300)

(photo courtesy of honeybrandy)

First Mauch, now TLVS!

Earlier this week, we were able to drop Benjamin Mauch‘s most recent full-length, “Golden Bay Garden”, into the world of Spotify. We close out the week with the addition of “I Can Dream All Day”, the most recent LP from TLVS. The Spotify version of “Dream” includes a third side’s worth of bonus material that was tracked a year before the album proper in the old Whalehead Records studio (before it moved to the completely RAD place that J. Anderson has now). Let us know if you add any tracks to a blog or playlist – we’ve be down to throw you some love on this here page!

Mauch’s on Spotify now!

Assuming you have not heard Ben’s newest release, “Golden Bay Garden”, you can now stream the beauty contained therein over at Spotify. We’re hoping that people will fall for this full-length as hard as we have. Should you be so inclined to add it to a playlist or blog that you happen to curate, let us know – we’d love to link to people who are spreading the good word!



HSAL #29, “honeybrandy/Oahu”

HSAL #29: honeybrandy/Oahu, “honeybrandy/Oahu″ (CASS/DIG)

Who is “honeybrandy”? 2/3’s of TLVS
Who is “Oahu”? Todd Webb, illustrator, visual artist, & occasional seamonster
After seeing the them perform together this past spring, HSAL asked both acts to create a single composition of roughly 20 minutes in length for a split release. While akin in spirit, both acts turned in a unique experience. On the A side, honeybrandy weaves astrological readings into their trademark collage of synths, lap steel, & field recordings. The result is uneasy on the surface but soothing over time. Oahu’s B side is comparatively minimal, with subtle electronic layers lapping into the speakers like an impending tidal shift. Each side was tracked, performed, & mixed by the artist. The release was mastered by Andrew Horton.

NOTE: The digital copy of HSAL #29 includes a bonus track from each artist recorded in the same sessions as the cassette material.

AVAILABILITY: black shell c42, digital download (begins shipping 08/26)
ARTWORK: courtesy of HSAL; initial collage by Joanna McGlothlin

HSAL #32, “Golden Bay Garden”


HSAL #32: Benjamin Mauch, “Golden Bay Garden″ (CASS/DIG)

“Golden Bay Garden” represents a milestone in Mauch’s artistic growth. This collection, though relatively minimal & sparse at times, shows an attention to subtle detail. Perhaps what is most impressive is the balance between distorted (almost lo-fi) tones & more traditional 21st century layers. The tasteful addition of field recordings provide a voyeuristic charm to some of these pieces. Created & assembled from his apartment in Shenzhen, China, this full-length delivers on the aptitude hinted at in previous works.

RIYL: Steve Hauschildt’s “Tragedy & Geometry”, Stellar Om Source’s “Heartland’s Suite”, Jonas Reinhardt’s “Ganymede”

All sounds created & assembled by B. Mauch from his apartment in Shenzhen, China.

AVAILABILITY: clear sunset c42, digital download (begins shipping 08/12)
ARTWORK: courtesy of HSAL; photo by B. Mauch

TLVS in the “studio”.

TLVS Chapel Pic (6x6, 150)

PC: Chris Schlarb

Over the weekend, TLVS commandeered the chapel in Lynchburg’s Old City Cemetery for a recording session with long time friend & studio wunderkind Chris Schlarb. Nathan & Joe worked out legit versions of two new tunes, “Fragaria (Virginia)” & “Stencils”. Huge thanks to label friends Lucas Hayden & Nathan Towles for lending gear. Once mixed down & mastered, the band looks to share these with the world.

Return of the Mauch!

HSAL has recently learned that Benjamin Mauch will be returning to the states later this year! On a personal bent, we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome a friend home. On a professional bent, we are excited by the potential for new material. To celebrate Ben’s imminent arrival, we are sharing his latest soundcloud jam here. Oh, & you can stream a set from the last time Ben was in the states here.

MAUCH - press shot 032816 (4x4, 150 dpi)