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While the calendar lists “now” as the dog days of summer, the weather seems to be hinting at autumn (some evenings even call for a summer-weight sweater). Here at the lab, we are working on some neat little projects & endeavors. First off, Mike Tannian, a local poet who has been seen on stage with TLVS this year, will be tracking a handful of his written work in the coming days. Tannian will also be popping up around Lynchburg stages & open mics this fall.

Joey Wright & Nathan McGlothlin (who are 1/2 of Hill City Eye & Ear Control) have begun improvising as a pair (their first set for July’s First Friday was a hit). They’ve decided on the moniker of “Honeybrandy” & will be working out some material for a future digital-only release. Their next set will be at Toolry as part of September’s First Friday (09/04). You can stream footage from their July set at Riverviews Artspace here.

TLVS is working out the kinks for a performance of their recently released LP, “I Can Dream All Day” for friends & fans in their hometown. The show will happen at the Academy Warehouse Theater (500 block of Main St, downtown). Local fans can also score LP copies of the new record down at Speakertree. While supplies last, the album comes with a mixtape made by Nathan. It’s chock full of sounds that inspire the duo – acts like Julianna Barwick, Tortoise, Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, & His Name Is Alive.


HSAL #27 – “At The Old Cemetery Chapel”


HSAL #27: Benjamin Mauch, “At The Old Cemetery Chapel″ (DIGITAL Only)

The story goes that Ben & some other friends of HSAL were going to play this old firehouse in downtown Lynchburg on Father’s Day weekend as part of an electronic & ambient showcase. When that show fell apart a week out, HSAL decided to take on the task of creating a replacement show. We called in a favor from some friends at the Old City Cemetery (for our money, one of the Hill City’s best public spaces) & put together a smaller bill in the chapel (In Sonitus Lux & Hill City Eye & Ear Control also played that evening).

Ben showed up & informed us that he’d be playing a completely new set & that he’d be down with us tracking it. He performed a 30 minute set as the daylight disappeared from the stained glass. We set up a pair of SM57’s against the back wall of the chapel & loaded a 30+ year old used cassette in the tape deck. What you hear is the result. No overdubs or fancy post-production work. Just a moment in time.

AVAILABILITY: digital download, free of charge
ARTWORK: courtesy of HSAL


HSAL Summer Sale!

HSAL Summer Sale - going on through 07/12/15!

HSAL Summer Sale – going on through 07/12/15!

So, in case you hadn’t heard, we FINALLY received physical copies of the new TLVS album! It’s in stock now (NOTE: All pre-orders have already been shipped & should be in hand by the time you read this). To celebrate the vinyl, we’re running this special package deal with the last few physical releases that we have put together. It’s $28 PPD for HSAL #22 (The Accidental Parade), HSAL #23 (TLVS), & HSAL #25 (Benjamin Mauch). We’re running this package deal until July 12th or when we run out of stock on one of the releases (#22 & #25 are both limited editions). Just email us (hardingstreet@gmail.com) with your request & we’ll set up for you to purchase via Paypal! Fresh off the heels of a set in an graveyard, 1/2 of the Hill City Eye & Ear Control are at it again! Joey & Nathan will be performing a sound collage at the Riverviews Gallery (9th & Commerce Sts, downtown Lynchburg) as part of July’s First Friday opening ceremony on the 3rd from 6P – 8P. We’ve been told that the exhibit will feature works from the residents of the Riverviews Studios & Co-Op! Should prove to be a blast…


Live Jams From The HSAL Family!


The show this past weekend at the Old City Cemetery, just up the hill from downtown Lynchburg, went down as something special! We were able to capture some audio from both Hill City Eye & Ear Control & Benjamin Mauch, who’s “For My Friends” EP is still available on limited edition cassette here. We’re actually working with Ben to release his entire set digitally in the coming weeks (stay tuned – there was palpable magic in that set!), but we wanted to get this live cut from the Eye & Ear guys up quickly. The quartet really seemed to be in tune with the vibes given off by the space & the grave garden itself. Captured on a used 30+ year old cassette via two strategically placed SM57’s before being converted to digital, this track is a wonderful document of the group’s current power. If you have 15 minutes to spare, stream “Track #2”. It’s a bit of a commitment, but it’s a wild ride.


Free HSAL-sourced Show This Weekend!


Since roughly 67% of the bill has released sounds through us this calendar year & we were influential in setting the whole thing up, we figured it was “our show” enough to email folks about it here:

@ OLD CITY CEMETERY CHAPEL (401 Taylor St, 24501)
– BENJAMIN MAUCH (from Richmond, minimalist composition w/ laptop & keys)
– IN SONITUS LUX (from Austin TX, ambient guitar w/ percussive gong work)
– HILL CITY EYE & EAR CONTROL (LOCAL! instrument quartet that flirts with post rock & jazz)

FREE SHOW! (We’ll be taking donations throughout the evening to support the traveling artists)


You’re Right. You’re Wrong. You’re Right.


So, after a hiatus for the front half of the year, The Accidental Parade is back in the saddle again. Guitar dude Matt Beck has welcomed in Ryan Ulsh (Super Vacations, Mas Y Mas) to keep time & structure around his four-string melodies. We’re hoping to announce some live dates this summer & (fingers crossed) have them back in the Hill City before too long. We still have some copies of the Parade’s first EP on one-sided wax for those interested. All orders placed this summer (that’s pre-Labor Day) will include extra instrumental vinyl for to spin at back porch parties & the like!

Minimalist composer Benjamin Mauch is stateside this summer & will be performing around the Commonwealth until his next departure for China. If you haven’t checked out his recent collection, you owe the side of your brain that would rather sit at home alone with a cheap bottle of wine & listen to rainfall a concentrated listen. Our hope is to score at least one Lynchburg performance & then to set up some other dates with label mates TLVS.

Speaking of TLVS, we FINALLY have a new projected date on the new LP, “I Can Dream All Day”. Looks like the press will have copies back to us & to the band on/around June 23rd. We’ll be shipping pre-ordered copies, along with some extra TLVS & HSAL related goodies as soon as the LP’s are in our hot little hands. In other TLVS merch news, the duo has been selling copies of their first “official” CD, “Introducing…The Late Virginia Summers”, at shows & in person. The nearly hour long collection boasts a solid demo of “The Luminous Veil” from the new record plus some choice live cuts from the two-piece’s history. NOTE: If you ever saw TLVS & hoped to get a copy of that rad ambient tune where the one guys hangs out with prostitutes, THIS is the moment you’ve been waiting for!

Spaced out, jazzy, faux-jam band Hill City Eye & Ear Control have started to get noticed around town as the “go-to” for interesting background music. Fresh off their double set at the Old City Cemetery over Mother’s Day weekend, the quartet (we’re pretty sure the lineup has been solidified at this point) have been asked to perform as part of a weekend of “out” music (this term applied SUPER loosely) at the old Firehouse #4 between downtown proper & Rivermont in Lynchburg next month. We hope that the group will find a place to land long enough to track an actual set of jams that we can release before the year’s end.


HIll City Eye & Ear Control This Weekend!


Hey, all! We’re pumped to announce another set from Hill City Eye & Ear Control. It’s going down this weekend in the group’s hometown (Lynchburg VA) as part of the Old City Cemetery’s Rose Festival. From looking at the cemetery’s website, It looks to be an interesting time. The group has signed on to play two sets, each about an hour in length. Our hope is to capture some of this magic for another digital EP. For the uninitiated, you can stream the group’s previous EP (recorded at the Academy Theater this past winter) below.


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