HSAL Stage at Lynchstock!


We’ve worked out a really cool opportunity to join in on the Lynchstock festivities next month! As you all (should) know, TLVS will be playing the festival again this year. It should prove to be a wild ride, as Joe & Nathan are working on some special guests to assist them in performing a track the new record for the first time!

The new news is that HSAL has been given the honor of starting the whole day off! We have curated a pre-show stage that will be set up at the entrance gate to the festival grounds. We are going to have HSAL friends & family perform short sets leading up to the gates opening at 12P. We’ve confirmed sets by asentimentalsong (Joe from TLVS), DJP & Mr. T (featuring Jackie from Wyteshayds), & Seamonster (who will be releasing an ambient set on cassette/digital with HSAL this summer)!


Hill City Eye & Ear Control, “Incidental Music #2”


HSAL #26: Hill City Eye & Ear Control, Incidental Music #2″ (DIGITAL Only)

Showing their collective face as a quartet this time around, Hill City Eye & Ear Control took to a stage at the far corner of the Academy Theater in downtown Lynchburg, VA (the group’s home town). They were charged with performing incidental music as guests arrived for 2015’s “Sonnets & Chocolates”, an event put on by Endstation Theatre Company.


Lucas Hayden: Electric Guitar, MicroKorg
Nathan McGlothlin: Trap Set
Eric Proebsting: Bass Guitar
Joey Wright: Apps, Lap Steel Guitar

Sincere thanks to Geoff Kershner for inviting the group to create in a live setting.

AVAILABILITY: digital download, free of charge
ARTWORK: courtesy of HSAL


“I Am Produced.”


We were spinning GBV’s classic “Mag Earwhig” at the HSAL compound the other day. As Pollard was walking though all the things happening to him, it got us thinking that it’s high time for a quick update on the new TLVS record:

  • Test presses & artwork has been approved & is currently being pressed, printed, packaged, & shipped out. We are hopeful to have these records in hand before month’s end. This will allow us to fill all orders before spring break & TLVS to have them in hand when they get back to playing shows in March.
  • There’s still time to order a copy of “I Can Dream All Day” & receive the extra “Perseus” EP (“Perseus Cluster” from the new LP plus remixes from some good friends). We’ll be sending out the next remix to those who have already purchased the LP in a few days.

We’re running a couple of specials for the rest of February:

We’ve been bit by the spring cleaning bug pretty early this year (must be all the temperature swings this winter!). As a result, we’ve found a decent amount of older releases (CASS, 7”, 10”, 12”) with some of the artwork missing or with incorrect labels. The music hasn’t been damaged in any way, shape, or form, though! We’re offering these recently unarchived gems to you via a “Grab Bag”. $15 (plus S/H) sent in via PayPal (email us directly – hardingstreet@gmail.com – for instructions) gets you two pieces of vinyl (one 7” & one 10” or 12”) + two cassettes. This is the perfect opportunity for you to catch up on what our fine Commonwealth has been offering up for the past 5 years or so! We don’t anticipate these “Grab Bags” lasting very long & will only offer them as long as we have four pieces to ship out! You can see a listing of all our releases here.


HSAL #25 (“For My Friends” by Benjamin Mauch)


HSAL #25: Benjamin Mauch, “For My Friends” CASS $5 (+ S/H)

Benjamin Mauch is somewhat of an expatriate from the Old Dominion, currently residing in South Korea. Prior to his move abroad, Mauch grew up along the fall line & attended university in the foothills of the Blue Ridge (that’s about as “Virginia” as it gets). “For My Friends” was birthed out of close relationships formed during post-secondary education. Ambient tones & paths carved out with simple instruments (keys, guitar, laptop) are Mauch’s mode of communication.

Originally self-released, HSAL fell hard for this collection & sought out the chance to give “Friends” a physical release.

AVAILABILITY: gray cassette + digital download, run of 50
ARTWORK: courtesy of Benjamin Mauch (assembled by HSAL)


HAPPY 2015!


New Year's Advert!

…So, we think the new year is going to bring big things for the Lab! We’re thankful for all of you who have been around for the ride so far & look forward to sharing new sounds with you in 2015.


HSAL #23 (“I Can Dream All Day” by TLVS)


HSAL #23: TLVS, “I Can Dream All Day” LP $15 (+ S/H)

After supporting “Porcelain” out & about for a few seasons, TLVS regrouped & began working on material that would feel the same in headphones & onstage. Joe worked on different layers & loop manipulations while Nathan took on the challenge of instrumentation beyond the drums (keys, melodica). “I Can Dream All Day” was written & fully realized throughout 2013. The duo recruited some friends to provide some additional textures (trumpet, banjo) & tracked both sides of the LP in just under 30 hours at Jonathan Anderson’s Whalehead Records.

“I Can Dream All Day” was conceived with turntables in mind, being built as two sides rather than a string of singles. The LP is presented in a cardboard jacket with artwork created by Radford based visual artist Shaun C. Whiteside specifically for this project! Purchases of the LP also include “Side C” as part of the digital download.

AVAILABILITY: 150g black vinyl + digital download, run of 300
ARTWORK: courtesy of Shaun C. Whiteside


HSAL all over VA this past weekend!


The Accidental Parade at the Wolves Den, 11/07/14. (courtesy of Oacar De la Whiney).

This past week saw TLVS making their way through some new haunts in familiar towns. Joe & Nathan FINALLY returned to the Tipsy Teapot & made some new fans down eastern Carolina way. In Norfolk, they met up with The Accidental Parade for a killer house show! Both bands brought their “A” game to the crowded house & memories were made. TLVS will be back on the Speakertree stage for one more 2014 live set on the 21st, when they open for Eternal Summers & Left & Right.

If you were in downtown Lynchburg this past Saturday, you no doubt saw the masses making their way to the parking deck on 10th b/t Commerce & Main. The Vintage Lynchburg expo was a really big, really classy showcase of the Hill City’s different creative types. Joanna presented her HSAL Art booth & featured dozens of holiday themed creations (ornaments, small houses, miniature trees, & the like). While the day was very successful for Joanna, she still has a small amount of inventory. She’s looking to place a few pieces in different boutiques locally & launch an Etsy shop for those who can’t get to Lynchburg before the holidays. STAY TUNED!

TLVS at the Wolves Den, 11/07/14 (courtesy of Oacar De la Whiney).

TLVS at the Wolves Den, 11/07/14 (courtesy of Oacar De la Whiney).


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