The HSAL Goings On!

MAUCH - live shot 042917 (2 x 2, 150 dpi)        HONEYBRANDY - 2016 live shot (2x 2, 150 dpi)

 FROM LEFT: Benjamin Mauch; honeybrandy (PC: Joanna McGlothlin)

FRIDAY: Ben Mauch will be sharing a stage with Ships In The Night & Eliza Janus! If you are in/near Fredericksburg, swing by the Evolving Art Machine. Sounds start after 7P (ALL AGES!)…

THURSDAY: honeybrandy will be sharing a stage with LUNAR. Oh, the house band for Jandek’s recent RVA tour stop will be playing a set as well. If you are in/near Richmond, swing by Flora (FKA Balliceaux). Sounds start after 10P…

WEDNESDAY: HSAL will release the 7th installment of our summer-long tribute to Brian Hall & Outside Records. This week’s release is one of Hall’s latest creations, clocking in at over two hours!

TODAY: Pre-order HSAL #31 (CD) & HSAL #37 (LP) if you haven’t already (we are SUPER PROUD of both these recordings). Also, check out keep‘s most recent effort, “For Your Joy” (cover art below). NOTE: You may recall the RVA duo was part of HSAL #36 (where they dropped a righteous Smashing Pumpkins cover). Well, this new LP is KILLER! If the stars align just right, we’ll figure out a way to have them play the Hill City before too long…


HSAL #31: “Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon”

HSAL #31 (6x6, 300).jpg

HSAL #31: Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, “Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon” CD $6 (+ shpng)

At nearly twenty minutes, Harmon crafts short stories. For some, the lyric comes off as an observation. For others, a declaration. The added gloss of his vocal delivery serve to only draw the audience in further & further. While these tunes could hit the mark as simple acoustic numbers, the overall style & execution (carved from multiple studio sessions), send these four tunes over the top.

Beginning as homemade demos sent out west for reference, HSAL #31’s foundation was established over a four-day session in a converted living room. From there, layer after tasteful layer was added on via input & connections from producer Chris Schlarb (Psychic Temple, Sky Chefs, Detangler). The finished product is an EP’s worth of silky smooth passages crafted by solid gold musicianship.

AVAILABILITY: CD / DIG (pre-order through 08/04/17)
ARTWORK: Cover image by Joel Kaiser & Marcelo Quarantotto, Assembly by HSAL

Pre-Orders Are UP!

Your friendly neighborhood record label has been scurrying ’round for the past several months to get all of this together, & now the time has come! Up now on our bandcamp page are pre-orders for both HSAL #31 (CD) & HSAL #37 (LP)!

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HSAL #31: Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, “Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon” (CD/DIG)

(CD/DIG: Available 08/04/17) Beginning as homemade demos sent out west for reference, HSAL #31’s foundation was established over a four-day session in a converted living room. From there, layer after tasteful layer was added on via input & connections from producer Chris Schlarb (Psychic Temple, Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet). The finished product is an EP’s worth of silky smooth passages crafted by solid gold musicianship.  The physical copy will be a four-panel gatefold wallet with full-color artwork designed by Jeremiah. These visuals compliment the textured world drafted by the EP. Additionally, the wallet contains a full lyric card!

HSAL #37: honeybrandy, “Deaf Sharp” (LP/DIG)

(DIG: Available now; LP: Available 09/29/17) “Deaf Sharp” is the debut full-length from honeybrandy (Nathan McGlothlin & Joey Wright). The duo headed out to southern California to work with good buddy Chris Schlarb (Psychic Temple, Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet). For the single-day session, Schlarb connected honeybrandy with a pair of phenomenal horn & reed players & even sat in on electric guitar for a portion of the time. The limited edition 12″ copy of “Deaf Sharp” on VIRGIN BLACK VINYL (with digital copy that includes the bonus tracks) is paired with a special CD that contains all recorded honeybrandy material (as of June 2017). This is another hour of sounds tracked at Nathan’s house by the duet with some guest spots from friends.

Online Cred Expansion!

First off, thanks to EVERYONE who has been streaming the Outside Records that we have posted thus far. It’s been cool to hear from folks who remember those sweaty basement shows at Spanky’s or the serenades from the back of Percival’s Isle. Equally neat has been the response from people who have never heard of Brian Hall & are digging into this material for the first time. We are so thrilled for this labor of love. Trust when we say that we’ve only just begun…

Mauch Live 110516 (2x2, 150)
(Mauch performing in Forest VA, 11/05/16)

Resident electronic whiz-kid Benjamin Mauch was recently featured on the inaugural episode of a new podcast called “GrooveBox Society“. Each month, the podcast spends time with group of artists within the realms of electronic music. Additionally, the site posts reviews & use cases for various hard/soft ware. Seems like a cool spot & we’re pumped to see HSAL folks included!

Next week will be HUGE for HSAL! In addition to a new installment from Outside, we will be announcing pre-orders for our next releases. There’s gonna be extras to go along with some of this stuff – we can’t wait to share these sounds with you all!

TL;DR: Brain Hall is blowing up on the HSAL bandcamp, Mauch’s on a podcast, & there’s a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT happening next week.

For the time being, we’ll just leave this right here

Outside Records Project!

Outside Page Cip

(screenshot from the now defunct Outside site)

One of HSAL’s longstanding influences has been the work of Brian Hall & his fledgling “backporch” label, Outside Records. To pay tribute & raise awareness for this overlooked repository of classic Virginia music, we are posting several of these records over on our bandcamp page. We’ll unveil a different title each week throughout the summer. Stay tuned to our social media outlets as well as the “OUTSIDE RECORDS” page (it’s in the menu on the left).

To get started, we have set up two solid Brian Hall records for streaming now:

Lynchstock 2017 Recap!

Lynchstock 2017 Collage (2000w, 300 DPI)

(clockwise from top left: Leaaves, Oahu, honeybrandy w/ friends)

Thanks to social media & news coverage, it’s common knowledge that Lynchstock 2017 started as a dream & ended in a washout. While we can’t change the opinion of everyone who blasted festival management, we can CERTAINLY share ours here.

Before the heaviest of the storms hit, the “Water Dog” stage played host to a collection of acts curated by HSAL. Oahu started the afternoon off with a pleasing tapestry of minimal electronic textures. Next up was NC’s Leavves. Flying his school colors (by draping his UNC jacket across the front of his set up), Nate Wagner captured onlookers with a noise-tinged ambiance. By the time honeybrandy took the stage, dark clouds were pushing in from the west. The stage tent was packed for a wonderful set that included their Cocteau Twins cover. With minutes left in their set, local police shut down the festival & forced everyone off the park grounds. As a result, our good buddy Benjamin Mauch‘s set was cancelled.

Across the street in the Glass House, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon led a full band in front of a full house. a few hundred were treated with a chance to dry off & drink in Harmon’s soulful croon.

APPENDIX: Although not officially tied to the label, Quick On My Feet put on a killer set of late 90’s throwback indie rock (think Get Up Kids or the more less depressing acts from Deep Elm) on the stage next door to ours. Oh, & the “new to us ’cause we’re late to the party” award goes to Captain Pizza. That guy…

HUGE PROPS to everyone involved in making the festival happen. No doubt the weeks ahead will be as frustrating (if not moreso) for the Lynchstock team. While many of the planned festivities were unable to be shared, what did happen on April 22nd, 2017 was right magical. Keep your chins up, alright?

HSAL #36, “Borrowed Recipes”


HSAL #36: Various Artists, “Borrowed Recipes” DIG (free download)

Our annual FREE comp that accompanies our home town’s “Lynchstock Music Festival”! This time, we asked everyone to submit a cover & OH BOY (!!!) did the team turn in some doozies! The collection pays tribute to some heavy hitters (Stone Roses, Cocteau Twins, William Basinski) as well as some acts that hit close to HSAL’s heart (TLVS, Audio Explorations). ENJOY!


AVAILABILITY: digital download only
ARTWORK: courtesy of HSAL