A Word About Our Artists

Good Dog Nigel

– The manifestation of Parker Emeigh’s wildly active imagination. Completely homegrown in the Ol’ Dominion, Nigel has been maturing his take on psychedelic pop since his first show (opening for Calvin Johnson!!!) a couple years back. Add countless hours studying records at the day job & the tutelage of a one Thomas Dean & you’ve got yourself one killer rock & roll kid!


honeybrandy (courtesy of Joanna McGlothlin)

– Joey Wright & Nathan McGlothlin (who are also part of TLVS’ current incarnation) showcase a beauty in subtle layer manipulation with lo-fi charm. Opting for improvisation over set structures, each performance (live or recorded) balance feelings of isolation, distance, and fear with solace, presence, and hope.

L.A. Dies

– Mel & Myra began writing & playing together a few years back. A few DIY recordings & personnel additions (Aaron & Joey) later, we find a quartet wrapping dark yet hopeful lyrics around swirling melodies that should feel welcome in the shoegaze revival.

Steve Scott

Steve Scott Bio Pic (2x2, 150)

– Upon completing art school in the mid-1970’s, Steve moved to the United States at the request of a small record label and began recording songs. He now has eleven albums of original work released on several small independent labels. The work ranges from rock music to more experimental poetry and spoken word, performed over electronic loop based compositions.

TLVS (the late virginia summers)

TLVS (2 x 2 150)

– Having survived a handful of lineup changes, TLVS is currently a three piece that works with other artists from time to time. Sonically, the group plays off both the shoegazing bliss of the 90’s & the ambient texture of 21st century post rock.

You’re Jovian

YOURE JOVIAN - 2018 live shot (2x2, 150 dpi)

– Elliott Malvas has been a friend of the HSAL family for years, sharing tour stops & good vibes with several of our bands from his Virginia Beach home base. The stars have aligned, making it possible for his dreamy pop to camp out with us. Expect huge guitars & melodies that will have you swearing a Swervedriver LP is on the turntable.

4 thoughts on “A Word About Our Artists

  1. Photos for all artists are courtesy of HSAL expect for
    – asentimentalsong (PJ Sykes)
    – Band & The Beat, Benjamin Mauch, KillGXXD, & Lloyd Harmon (artist submission).

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