A Word About Our Artists


asentimentalsong (courtesy of PJ Sykes)

– Under the guise of “asentimentalsong”, Joe Morgan uses little more than his custom made les paul & array of effects pedals to construct minimal soundscapes. his first recorded ouptut for the lab is a single fifteen minute piece on the a side of HSAL #19. If he had his way, this record would have gone on for days.

benjamin mauch

Benjamin Mauch (courtesy of Pea Wee Jo)

– Benjamin Mauch is somewhat of an expatriate from the Old Dominion, currently residing in South Korea. Prior to his move abroad, Mauch grew up along the fall line & attended university in the foothills of the Blue Ridge (that’s about as “Virginia” as it gets). Mauch’s work is 21st century minimalist composition.


honeybrandy (courtesy of Joanna McGlothlin)

– Joey Wright & Nathan McGlothlin (who are also part of TLVS’ current incarnation) showcase a beauty in subtle layer manipulation with lo-fi charm. Opting for improvisation over set structures, each performance (live or recorded) balance feelings of isolation, distance, and fear with solace, presence, and hope.


KillGXXD (courtesy of Spencer Grandstaff)

– These days, the artist currently known as KillGXXD is working his way out of the stereotypical DJ role. He has been trying out different instruments & forging friendships in & around Lynchburg, the town he now calls home. The result is a collaborative affair that calls equally on Flying Lotus & Frank Zappa as reference points.

Lloyd Harmon

Lloyd Harmon (provided by the artist)

– Hill City inhabitant by way of a Baltimore upbringing, Harmon continually presents the residual affect of the “renaissance man” bug that bit him early on. Most of his output is of a visual (drawing, painting) & aural vein. Behind the mic, he marries a silky croon with the futuristic bent of his writing. With a right incredible rhythm section in tow, Lloyd looks to romance the minds & hearts of anyone within earshot.

TLVS (the late virginia summers)

TLVS 2 Piece Press (2x2, 150 dpi)

– Having survived a handful of lineup changes, TLVS is currently a three piece that works with other artists from time to time. Sonically, the group plays off both the shoegazing bliss of the 90’s & the ambient texture of 21st century post rock.

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