Too Excited To Sleep!

We’re one week out from Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon‘s EP Release show here in Lynchburg. A few advance tickets are still available down at Speakertree. The EP is available pretty much everywhere digitally (Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify…). We hope to begin hearing “War Parade” on local shows & (fingers crossed) main rotation on college & independent radio in the coming weeks. Can’t find HSAL #31 in your fave record haunt? Let us know – we want to get this EP on every shelf possible!

(IF you haven’t heard it yet, you really are missing out!)

We are about six weeks away from the physical release of the honeybrandy debut, “Deaf Sharp“. Pre-orders are still up over at the bandcamp site. We’ve received word from the pressing plant that they are slightly ahead of schedule. Hopefully, this translates to pre-orders being shipped well before the 09/29 street date. Joey & Nathan are also working on something special for the LP’s local release. The duet plan to play a special performance at Riverviews Artspace that ties in with the gallery’s October First Friday opening. More to come as the date approaches…

This week, we received the final masters for HSAL #38, which is the first album from British poet Steve Scott in nearly two decades. Entitled “Cross My Heat”, the album is nine tracks (clocking in at just under an hour) of intense prose carefully balanced with self-made field recordings & ambient textures. Look for this CD to drop just before Scott heads over to Australia for a series of dates.

Finally, we are working out details for another run of Benjamin Mauch‘s “Golden Bay Garden” (HSAL #32), a remix 12″ from Band & The Beat & a new EP from TLVS. #tooexcitedtosleep

HSAL #31 (CD/DIG) lands today!

Months in the making, the debut CDEP from Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon is now available! We have shipped out all pre-orders & are currently in the process of dropping copies on shops across the Mid-Atlantic.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the positive feedback from listeners so far. It will come as no surprise to us for Harmon’s work to end up on year-end lists in a few months.

If you find yourself ’round Lynchburg VA at the end of the month, you should make it out to the release show that we are hosting at the Old City Cemetery Chapel on the 25th. Local support will be provided by Wesley Montgomery & B.A. Scott (both solo sets).

Out Of The Office…

While Mr. Denver could never be so concrete in his plans (at least, according to this tune), we should back in the Hill City by the end of the month. All records purchased from now until July 31st will ship out on Tuesday, August 1st. Hugs, kisses, well-wishes, & all that…

New Sounds From Ben Mauch!

Mauch‘s been solidifying his rig for the past several months, parcing out “neat gadgets” from the “gear that takes my set to the next level”. With a smaller footprint & bigger sound, Ben is starting down the path to new sounds. Rumor has him branching out later this year with a new tape (more details as they surface). In the meantime, check this new piece, “Digital Burden” that was just leaked via Soundcloud. #therealchill

The HSAL Goings On!

MAUCH - live shot 042917 (2 x 2, 150 dpi)        HONEYBRANDY - 2016 live shot (2x 2, 150 dpi)

 FROM LEFT: Benjamin Mauch; honeybrandy (PC: Joanna McGlothlin)

FRIDAY: Ben Mauch will be sharing a stage with Ships In The Night & Eliza Janus! If you are in/near Fredericksburg, swing by the Evolving Art Machine. Sounds start after 7P (ALL AGES!)…

THURSDAY: honeybrandy will be sharing a stage with LUNAR. Oh, the house band for Jandek’s recent RVA tour stop will be playing a set as well. If you are in/near Richmond, swing by Flora (FKA Balliceaux). Sounds start after 10P…

WEDNESDAY: HSAL will release the 7th installment of our summer-long tribute to Brian Hall & Outside Records. This week’s release is one of Hall’s latest creations, clocking in at over two hours!

TODAY: Pre-order HSAL #31 (CD) & HSAL #37 (LP) if you haven’t already (we are SUPER PROUD of both these recordings). Also, check out keep‘s most recent effort, “For Your Joy” (cover art below). NOTE: You may recall the RVA duo was part of HSAL #36 (where they dropped a righteous Smashing Pumpkins cover). Well, this new LP is KILLER! If the stars align just right, we’ll figure out a way to have them play the Hill City before too long…