friends & family (’tis the season)!

2013 has come to a close & we here at HSAL are thrilled beyond measure to be gearing up for a fan-freakin’-tastic 2014! First off, two of our music groups are finishing up recordings that will be out on wax in the coming months. The Accidental Parade is a two piece post-hardcore outfit from South Norfolk whose sound harkens back to Unwed Sailor’s “Firecracker” or those first few Diagonah singles but feels a smidge darker. These fellas are shooting for a February release of their debut release, a one-sided 12″ EP tracked up in Richmond this past weekend with Kelly Rosadas. We’ll be launching a Kickstarter for this release in the days to come as a “pre-order” of sorts. It will allow you purchase a copy of the EP weeks before it’s actual street date. Stay tuned…

TLVS is hitting the studio this weekend (FINALLY!). Joe & Nathan will be tracking nearly an hour’s worth of spacey guitar washes, catchy melodies, & urgent percussion with Jon Anderson. They are planning a few special guests for this session & pulling out some new (to the band’s sound) instruments for this LP. We’re pumped to hear the results…& to share said results with you! If all goes to plan, the duet will be tracking some extra tunes for additional projects while down in Virginia Beach.

Our hearts are also warmed by good news from friends who are working on future releases themselves! Hoax Hunters, White Laces, & Bombardier are all in various stages of writing, recording, & releasing their latest efforts. If you’re out & about in the Mid-Atlantic, you would be doing yourself a favor to check these groups out (recorded or live).

HSAL #21 (12″ Comp)

HSAL 21 Cover Art

HSAL #21: various artists, HSAL compilation #3 12″ LP $8 (+ shpng)

this is HSAL’s third mid-atlantic based compilation & our first one to take shape in a physical form. the goal of these compilations (HSAL #08, #12, & now #21) is to pair our stable of artists with great sounds from regional based like-minded acts. our reasoning behind a physical release on this comp is simple – we wanted to help good bands fill merch tables with great sounds. while we can’t sign every great band we hear, we can offer this small token of our appreciation for their work.

brand new jams from oulipo, the snowy owls, goodwill falcon, TLVS, & white laces…great sounds from the diamond center, borrowed beams of light, top girls, rugby, matt northrup, maxfield alan háag, & nelly kate!

AVAILABILITY: two-tone marbled vinyl + digital download, run of 300
ARTWORK: courtesy of matthew klimas

HSAL #17 (Split 10″ #2)

White Laces & The Snowy Owls

HSAL #17: white laces / the snowy owls split 10″ EP $15 PPD

*this is the second of our split 10″ series. the idea is to feature one of our own on the A side, with a friend of the label holding down the B side.*

this RVA centric release showcases some of the finest tunes from the current live set of white laces. the lead single, “hands in mexico”, was leaked online & taken to by just about every hip east coast blog. the rest of the A side leans towards new potential for the four piece. capital city up & comers the snowy owls turn in their own super hot single (“could”, featuring a killer boy/girl call & response chorus), as well as three other scorchers from their live set, which has been earning the group great shows around the mid-atlantic for nearly a year.

AVAILABILITY: marbled brown vinyl + digital download, limited run of 100
ARTWORK: jacket courtesy of HSAL, insert courtesy of the artists

you’ll taste it in time.


White Laces: our RVA darlings are SUPER busy these days. they skipped SXSW in lieu of working out ideas for their upcoming full-length. they have been accepted to this year’s MACRoCk festival (04/06 & 07, harrisonburg va) & will be playing with the likes of creepoid, lower dens, & big troubles! they are currently playing shows in support of HSAL #17 & a recently released split 7″ with arches (worthless junk).

Goodwill Falcon: in addition to a new track on the upcoming HSAL 12″ compilation & their recently released split CD single with rugby, the falcon are flying high with a new CDEP out through closing scene. this collection offers up the first recordings with the current lineup & features live favorites like “the comforter” & “before you yell”.

TLVS: they made it back from SXSW in one piece! they will be playing out this spring in support of HSAL #16, which should be shipping out from the lab in the final days of march. joe & nathan are continuing to work out new ideas, building off of “eid mar”, which will appear on the upcoming 12″ comp. their self-imposed goal is to have a new record done by summer’s end.

Virgineola: stripped down to a four piece (with the occasional guest), virgineola are actively working out sound ideas for their role in this summer’s re-telling of shakespeare’s macbeth. a recent performance to support endstation theatre’s upcoming season proved to be a successful test run for the new line up, as reverb drench banjo, electric drones, simple synth driven low-end, & brushed percussion echoed through sold out auditorium. highlights from their 2010 run with “hamlet” can still be downloaded for free here.

asentimentalsong: j morgan is looking to play some shows this spring in support of his split 10″ with brooklyn’s guilty ghosts (HSAL #19). morgan’s other drone offering, parties, has a few copies of their “monster mash” cassette (courtesy of drone life) left over from their west coast tour that they would love for you to check out.

HSAL #19

it’s getting kinda hectic!

…now that we have crossed the unofficial threshold that is summer’s halfway point, your friendly neighborhood record label is getting into the thick of things! several things have been bubbling up both on & near our radar of late & we figured that it would make sense to sum them all up in one tidy presentation:

white laces will be on the road more than they will be at home for the rest of the summer. they finish off this week/weekend in the northeast with philly’s arches, then will be spot dating it up throughout july & august, finishing off next month with TLVS. they are playing new material on all of these dates, including both sides of their new 7″ single, which is currently being shopped around. white laces are also finding time here & there to finish up tracking their half of HSAL #17, a split 10″ EP with fellow richmond rock outfit the snowy owls, which is due out later this fall.

– speaking of the snowy owls, matt, allen, & brandon have already turned in their homework for HSAL #17 (trust us, it’s their best sound to date!). while working on the 4 jams that will be on the 10″, they also put together another single, “yr eyes”, which is being released digitally next week. you can stream the title track here. the three piece is also gearing up for more of a live presence, sharing dates with the likes of the diamond center (whose most recent single has been hard-pressed to be torn from our turntable) & the no BS brass band.

goodwill falcon & rugby are BOTH working on their next records. equally as great is that they are also working on their respective sides of HSAL #18 (you guessed it – another split 10″ EP on CLEAR WAX!!!). both groups are set to release an as of yet unreleased single on their sides. both groups are also planning on covering the other group! goodwill falcon will apply their pristine sound & casio-produced layers to a rugby classic. rugby, in turn, will dirty up a falcon tune with their spastic vocal delivery & sassy percussion. they’ve been tour mates a few times this year already, so HSAL #18 is the natural progression & we can’t wait to share this one with you all!

– virgineola is working on a phoenix like resurrection! being on somewhat of a hiatus since last fall, the ensemble is working towards a live score for another shakespeare production (you can download highlights from their work for endstation’s “hamlet” here). in the meantime, members of the group will be sitting in as accompaniment for other lynchburg based groups. as these different performances come to life, we will post them with the other live performances listings.

…and this will be the last song I will ever sing.

…holy wow! april is shaping up to one of the wildest months in HSAL history. here’s all of our recent comings & goings:

– first off, our music groups have been taking on high marks of late:
TLVS: click here for a review of their 03/26/11 date in greenville nc!
white laces: click here for a review of their 03/24/11 show in richmond va!

white laces will be wrapping up their spring gauntlet with a few dates around the commonwealth this month. information on shows in roanoke & lynchburg can be found here. from here, the laces are working out new material for upcoming releases through the lab (one of the split 10”s) & richmond based the acme thunderer (7”).

– joe morgan’s asentimentalsong has been showing up as the accompaniment piece to austin based duet more states as they work through the mid-atlantic portion of their tour. while the performances have been something special, the spirit of this new dynamic is being captured this week at joe’s house. lord willin’ & the creek don’t rise; we will be able to release some of this material in the coming months…

– fresh off their “spring fling” tour, TLVS are looking for any & all still shots & moving pictures of from their performances. if you or someone you know has any such material please get in contact with the group: the band did some capturing of their own & will be editing/compiling/releasing those wares soon. they are also in the throes of working out summer dates with long division & white laces!

alaska are calling it quits. in a very mercurial fashion, the lynchburg based trio came on the scene, burned bright & burned fast. they will be missed. a memorial service (read: final performance) has been scheduled for may 13th at our town’s late night haunt, rivermont pizza. they are also putting together a few more dates around town, which can be found here.

out from blown speakers!

…Man oh man! It’s been a month since our last update. To say that we have been busy would be one of the year’s larger understatements! Here’s the latest gossip from ‘round our water cooler:

White Laces are currently heading down to SXSW! They are actually involved with killer series of shows put on by Holy Smokes booking out of Charlottesville! You can get all the details here. Also brewing in the White Laces camp is the release of HSAL #13, a special “Harding Street” edition of their recently released 12” EP (available through SHDWPLY/Whole Ghost). Our SUPER LIMITED version (only 14 copies left as of 03/14/11!) of the 12” comes with a screen printed jacket, a dual sided insert with photography by our good friend PJ Sykes, a brief history of our relationship with the band, & a digital download that features the entire EP plus over 30 minutes of live tracks, unreleased demos, & b sides. Pre-orders for HSAL #13 can be placed here. The physical copies are set to begin shipping on Tuesday, 03/22.

– The beginning of our split 10” EP endeavor is well under way! We opened up the lab for the purposed of tracking & mixing the entire EP (nearly 30 minutes of hot jams b/t Lynchburg’s TLVS & Norfolk’s Long Division) & are super jazzed with the results. Joanna will be working on the insert for this record – we always expect great things from her & she NEVER disappoints! As for the music, here’s the track listing:

SIDE A: The Late Virginia Summers
“Heather Majestic Purple”
“Chambray Du Peter Kent”

SIDE B: Long Division
“Tragic Colors”

We are shooting for an April 26th release date for this EP & will be announcing a very special album release show to kick things off!

– In related news, TLVS is about to embark on their “spring fling”! the duo have crafted a new live set that is equal parts “porcelain” & material from the aforementioned split 10”. This tour will take TLVS through Tennessee, North Carolina, & Virginia, ending up back in Lynchburg for a hot date with Arms & Sleepers on April 3rd. All of the dates, including TLVS appearances post-tour, can be found here.

Alaska’s debut full-length received a rather favorable (7.8 out of 10) review from Georgia’s the Blue Indian. The entire review can be read here.

Goodwill Falcon are gearing up to play out more this spring! The next month or so has them performing in front of crowds all over the commonwealth, including Richmond, Lynchburg, & Norfolk. You can get more details for each performance here. It should also be noted that the Falcon are working out “two-piece” versions of many songs from HSAL #05 (the now out-of-print “Private Tones” cassette) that will be paired with newly written tunes (“Dan” songs & “Carter” songs!) for the group’s first full-length.

it’s a shoreline. it’s high speed.

…whew! halloween is tomorrow & we are too busy to even don costumes this time around. instead of leaving a bowl of candy on our porch, we figured we would catch you up on what we have going on at the lab:

HSAL #10, the self-titled debut LP from our most recent signing, alaska, is just about done. we are running into a bit of a hold up from the presses, but we still hope to have copies ready to ship out on tuesday, november 9th. if you will be in lynchburg next weekend, alaska will be celebrating the album’s release down at rivermont pizza (2496 rivermont ave, 24503). also performing will be local skewed pop duo rugby, who are currently finishing up songs for a cassette they will be self-releasing (perhaps our first foray into distro?)…alaska is also setting up to finish the calendar year playing shows around virginia & north carolina.

– on the cusp of their first live performance, herizon is has filled out with virgineola serving as the session musicians. in addition to this performance (part of our 1st year anniversary showcase – 11/12 @ the muse830 in midtown!!! – see poster below), tim & kim are working on a one-sided LP that will feature a collection of herizon works on the A side & an etching by a friend of the label on the B side…

– last year, joe from TLVS & our friend pd wilder of hotel hotel sat down & tracked a 30 minute, 2 guitar drone piece. after the original tracking, nathan from TLVS assembled a noise collage to “complete” the piece. the result is “the trail at blackwater creek”. we will be releasing a small run C-30 cassette (HSAL #13) for this piece. look for that around the start of the new year.

– we are putting together another digital comp! as with the first comp we did back in the spring, this collection will feature unreleased work by our artists (herizon, TLVS, white laces, goodwill falcon, & more) as well as by friends of the label, both new & old (the snowy owls, rugby, evenings, & more). our hope is that this collection, HSAL #12, will be released around the holidays.

show poster for our label showcase!

hey…where you at? (we right here!)

it’s high time for an update from the lab…and, away we go!

– our music groups have shows going on all month long! from local sightings by members of TLVS (asentimentalsong is performing @ the white hart downtown) to dates in preparation for a stint at this year’s CMJ festival (white laces are playing with sore eros, eternal summers, & more up the east coast), the assembly lab is coming on strong at the onset of autumn. you can check out a full listing of show dates & venues here.

– richmond based blog “in the black & white” recently featured the lab in their weekly write-up! plenty of great B&W photos as well a streaming sampler curated by pj sykes, whose photography has recently been showing up in LP art from the likes of versus & superchunk! click here to read the entire article.

ALASKA has finished up their debut full length! we are currently waiting for the LP’s (white vinyl!!!) to return from press & anticipate a 11/09/10 release date (just in time for the group to finish the year strong with a series of shows in support of the record). the album features 7 solid jams filled with quick changes ushered in by a powerful rhythm section & tons of catchy licks that seem to have time traveled to this record from some old ventures outtakes! you can stream “our kind of weather” here.

– finally, more mentions of our groups along the information superhighway:
goodwill falcon: click here
white laces: click here & here
CAVE DRUMS & ommacobba: click here

HSAL #09

HSAL #09

HSAL 09: White Laces, “White Laces” $5 PPD

“white laces” represents the first hard copies of landis wine’s output since the disbanding of richmond’s cinemasophia. where that group focus on darker energies & tightly wound instrumentation, wine’s new material seems more at peace with it’s own skin. think of it as a dirtied up 21st century take on mid 90’s guitar rock. everything is turned up to 11 with wine’s voice channeling a young bob pollard. NOTE: c20 contains exclusive material not available for download on the b side!

AVAILABILITY: orange tint c20 + digital download, limited run of 100
ARTWORK: courtesy of white laces