We’ve arrived at that time of the year where “holidays” are (not so subtly) creeping into the collective consciousness. November hold quite a bit in store for your friendly neighborhood record label. Here are some of the yarns being spun in our camp:

honeybrandy are heading to the left coast to cut their next record with much lauded engineer & HSAL friend Chris Schlarb at Big Ego in Long Beach, CA. They will be partnering with some heavy hitters from the free jazz world for this full length. in the coming year, look for Joey & Nathan to present this material in live settings featuring horn players from the right coast to round out the textures.

– Our next release will be a digital mixtape, courtesy of resident chameleon Lloyd Harmon. “Mima’s Mixtapes, Volume 1” (HSAL #35) promises to be a wild ride, with influences all over the map. Look for the mixtape to drop via bandcamp on November 22nd.

– JUST CONFIRMED! TLVS will be playing at Speakertree with Comrades & everett on Tuesday, November 8th! Get out & VOTE (!!!!) then come blow off some steam with some rad acts.

– We have curated a new mix on our soundcloud page. It features lots of vibe & atmosphere from most everyone in the HSAL nuclear family. All 36 minutes are available to stream in the player below…

Welcome to our catalog!

HSAL 2009 - NOW

Every release from December 2009 through October 2016.

Here’s where we have come from. Seven inch singles, ten inch split EP’s, full-length special editions on colored wax, cassettes in multiple colors, digital streams…they’re all here! We’ve done our best to do the underground music scene across the Ol’ Dominion proud. Looking ahead, we plan to continue the work. The remaining months of 2016 holds a couple new cassettes, including the first physical release from our good buds Band & The Beat. Look for the pre-order campaign to drop on that one soon.

2017 will hold lots of exciting action from the HSAL camp as well. We’ll be releasing Lloyd Harmon’s EP as well as a collaborative affair b/t KillGXXD & members of local folk heroes Dogwood & Holly. New recordings from TLVS & honeybrandy will no doubt surface. We’re also keeping our ears to the ground for up & coming talent across the mid-Atlantic. Have something rad that you think we’d be into? Share your wares –


33 Days & COUNTING!

For the next (roughly) month or so, Lloyd Harmon is raising funds for the studio time that will translate into his HSAL debut. The goal is for the trio (Lloyd, Tyler, & Judah) to spend a week with Chris Schlarb in mid-July. From now until then, the trio will be playing shows in support of this effort. Additionally, Harmon will be seeking to convert interest into action from his fanbase & beyond via online crowdfunding.

Assuming you are familiar with Kickstarter, Harmon’s gift tiers for support are rather standard, except that you will be receiving one-of-a-kind visual & sonic art from LLOYD HARMON! To say this guy is on another plane is to understand his magic. Custom tees, exclusive access to live performances, & more are being offered up in exchange for assistance in making this record a reality…

LLOYD HARMON - press shot B (4x4, 150 dpi)

Click here to be a part of Lloyd Harmon’s Kickstarter effort!


HSAL Roster Ad (May 2016)

Your friendly neighborhood record label is near ecstatic to share our new lineup! Assuming you have been following us since the beginning, you have seen/heard records from TLVS & asentimentalsong (both acts were part of our 10″ series a few years back). No introductions needed there. Over the past year, honeybrandy has developed into an ethereal drone project all to itself (both Joey & Nathan are members of TLVS). On the strength of recent Lynchstock performances & sheer creative output, HSAL is uber-proud to welcome KillGXXD & Lloyd Harmon to the family. Both of these additions will be working on new releases over the summer months. For KillGXXD, it will be his first foray into live instrumentation as he partners with several folks from the Hill City musical scene. Lloyd Harmon, alongside of his stunning rhythm section, will be tracking material for a new EP with Chris Schlarb (countless collaborative recordings, the Psychic Temple being his most recent trend).

As we work through the back half of 2016, look for the following releases to surface:

  • #29: honeybrandy/Oahu – (AUG/SEP) split cassette with each group presenting a single 20+ minute composition!
  • #30: KillGXXD – (late winter/early spring) CDEP mixing original material & a choice cover or two…LIVE INSTRUMENTS!
  • #31: Lloyd Harmon – (early fall) CDEP of “RA-K35H” material. Mainly the trio, but a few guests may sneak in!



We here at the lab wanted to thank everyone for support across social media, streaming media, physical media, & (MOST IMPORTANTLY) live media! To celebrate, we’ve redone the look & feel of our site. We’ve curated a new HSAL sampler on soundcloud. We’ve begun booking more shows around our hometown & abroad! Here’s where you can see us in the coming weeks:

HONEYBRANDY: 01/08 @ Riverviews Artspace
– Playing the opening of Tuo Wang’s “Chorus” installation

ASENTIMENTALSONG: 01/22 @ The Academy Center Of The Arts
– Opening for Lloyd Harmon & JULIANNA BARWICK!!!

TLVS: 02/19 @ The Cave (Chapel Hill NC)
– Playing with The Band & The Beat

TLVS: 02/20 @ Speakertree
– Playing with The Band & The Beat

We’re looking forward to seeing new recordings by spoken word artist Mike Tannian, honeybrandy, and a few others in the coming months. Oh, & there’s still that remix EP that TLVS set up with our Swedish brethren at red star community.