HSAL #23 (“I Can Dream All Day” by TLVS)

HSAL #23: TLVS, “I Can Dream All Day” LP $15 (+ S/H)

After supporting “Porcelain” out & about for a few seasons, TLVS regrouped & began working on material that would feel the same in headphones & onstage. Joe worked on different layers & loop manipulations while Nathan took on the challenge of instrumentation beyond the drums (keys, melodica). “I Can Dream All Day” was written & fully realized throughout 2013. The duo recruited some friends to provide some additional textures (trumpet, banjo) & tracked both sides of the LP in just under 30 hours at Jonathan Anderson’s Whalehead Records.

“I Can Dream All Day” was conceived with turntables in mind, being built as two sides rather than a string of singles. The LP is presented in a cardboard jacket with artwork created by Radford based visual artist Shaun C. Whiteside specifically for this project! Purchases of the LP also include “Side C” as part of the digital download.

AVAILABILITY: 150g black vinyl + digital download, run of 300
ARTWORK: courtesy of Shaun C. Whiteside

HSAL #24 (“Dreamers” EP by TLVS)

HSAL #24: TLVS, “Dreamers” EP $6 (PPD)

The Harding Street Assembly Lab is delighted to bring you newly recorded sounds from The Late Virginia Summers (TLVS) in the form of “Dreamers”. While the band is currently shopping their (finally) finished LP, “I Can Dream All Day”, the two-piece put together this four song set. “Claire Kincaid” is a piece from the upcoming LP, & is featured in a non-LP mix here. There is also an epic composition (“Piece #62) that didn’t make the album, but was considered by the band as special enough to share. “Gave Up” is a sound collage assembled as the album was in its final mixing stage. The band also included (at our behest) a selection from “Hill City Eye & Ear Control” – a collaborative improv troupe featuring TLVS & a handful of friends.

Consider it a stop-gap in the TLVS catalog.
Consider it a way to add something new to the merch table while on tour.
Consider it a “thank you” from the band for continued patience while the LP was completed.

AVAILABILITY: white cassette + digital download, run of 50
ARTWORK: courtesy of TLVS