Where we’re going, we don’t need vocals!

HSAL Tape Bundle

SUMMER 2014 CASSETTE BUNDLE  – $13 PPD (shown from left to right):

Guilty Ghosts, “Veils”; TLVS, “Dreamers”; HSAL #04, “The Trail At Blackwater Creek”

While cleaning up around HSAL HQ, we found a few of these older cassettes & thought they would be cool to bundle with the new TLVS cassette (which we are also nearly out of!). There are no vocals on any of these releases, yet we firmly behind each artists’ abilities to communicate thoughts, feelings, & attitudes. You may recognize Guilty Ghosts from HSAL #19 – the Brooklyn native’s split 10″ with asentimentalsong. “Dreamers” is the most recent effort from TLVS & features “Claire Kincaid” from their upcoming LP, as well as some non-album material that the duo tracked themselves. HSAL #04 features members of TLVS & drone wunderkinds Parties. All in all, over two hours of space jams over three cassettes, each of which include digital downloads!


TO ORDER: hardingstreet at gmail dot com (we’ll set up a paypal link for you)



HSAL #19 (Split 10″ #3)

White Laces & The Snowy Owls

HSAL #19: asentimentalsong / guilty ghosts split 10″ EP $15 PPD

*this is the third of our split 10″ series. the idea is to feature one of our own on the A side, with a friend of the label holding down the B side.*

the simplicity & openness of minimal music has always been near & dear to the heart of the assembly lab & this release allows for that affection to make itself known. j morgan’s (of TLVS) first released outing as “asentimentalsong” is a single fifteen minute composition that flirts with tension will riding down streams of swelling guitar layers. the b side, courtesy of brooklyn’s guilty ghosts, is comprised of three guitar pieces that rely less on rhythm & more on anticipation. these songs were dreamt up by tristan o’donnell during the tracking of his most recent “veils” LP.

AVAILABILITY: marbled burgundy vinyl + digital download, limited run of 100
ARTWORK: jacket courtesy of HSAL, insert courtesy of the artists
PURCHASE: hardingstreet.bandcamp.com