Hill City Eye & Ear Control, “Incidental Music #2”

HSAL #26: Hill City Eye & Ear Control, Incidental Music #2″ (DIGITAL Only)

Showing their collective face as a quartet this time around, Hill City Eye & Ear Control took to a stage at the far corner of the Academy Theater in downtown Lynchburg, VA (the group’s home town). They were charged with performing incidental music as guests arrived for 2015’s “Sonnets & Chocolates”, an event put on by Endstation Theatre Company.


Lucas Hayden: Electric Guitar, MicroKorg
Nathan McGlothlin: Trap Set
Eric Proebsting: Bass Guitar
Joey Wright: Apps, Lap Steel Guitar

Sincere thanks to Geoff Kershner for inviting the group to create in a live setting.

AVAILABILITY: digital download, free of charge
ARTWORK: courtesy of HSAL

Hill City Eye & Ear Control

Hill City Eye & Ear Control Logo

“Hill City Eye & Ear Control” is a collective of HSAL related musicians collectively pushing the boundaries of “background music”. The group is features a wide array of “rock music” instruments played by members of Seamonster, TLVS, The Wright 3, & Orquestra Altavista to name a few. They will perform as part of Endstation Theatre Company‘s annual “Sonnets & Chocolates” event this weekend. If all goes well, some of the performances will be captured & released digitally in an effort to stir up hype for an eventual release of some sort. Stay tuned.

something wicked this way comes…

for the past month or so, the newly reconstituted virgineola has been fleshing out the sounds & textures that will eventually be performed as part of the closing ceremonies to this year’s blue ridge summer theatre festival – a retelling of shakespeare’s “macbeth”. the band has taken from source material written by ringleader nathan mcglothlin & has fashioned a balance of minimal soundscapes & swooning melodies. the band is working feverishly to capture everything in the moment, demoing run-throughs & scripting out course changes from one musical passage to the next.

the shows themselves begin next month, running from july 6th through the 22nd, out at sweetbriar college. tickets, as well as a listing of the local breweries & vineyards that are sponsoring each show, are available for every performance here.

FREE EP by virgineola just posted!

virgineola was able to track some of the “hamlet” material between performances over the weekend. we mixed it down & assembled it into a FREE EP! it’s nearly a half hour worth of sounds that were recorded in the actual performance space for “hamlet”. the first five pieces were tracked live, while “(untitled)” is a live recording of the improvised session during the show’s intermission.

updates, live dates, & write-ups (oh my)!

the heat of summer is quite oppressively upon us here at the lab. no doubt, you’ve been sweating it out as well. it’s been a harrowing few weeks, & we just had to pencil in a few moments to catch everyone up on our comings & goings…

UPDATES: august’s infamous dog days of summer should be carrying our most recent releases in tow. first off, the somewhat long-awaited (some of you preordered this record back in may) 12″ LP from TLVS, “porcelain“, should be back from presses. we have had a right hectic go with this one, as it’s the first time we have ever been held up due to potential copyright issues. it stemmed from a clip that the group harvested from a 1979 national geographic flexi-disc 7”. all that behind us now, we are excited to FINALLY be shipping out copies of this limited edition first pressing (100 copies on marbled vinyl!!!) the artwork was printed by sire press. if you are looking for reasonable prices on VERY HIGH QUALITY print jobs, they’re going to be one of your best bets (DISCLAIMER: no payments were made by sire press or any agent thereunto for this comment). our other upcoming release will be a CAVE DRUMS / ommacobba & the east side marijuana band split cassette. all of the artwork for this one is courtesy of the condon brothers, who, in addition to comprising CAVE DRUMS, are up & coming film makers.

LIVE DATES: virgineola is getting ready to take on 10 performances of their score to endstation theatre’s retelling of “hamlet“. the group played a benefit show for the theatre this past weekend. you can see a short video from that performance here. these shows seem to be the biggest undertaking for our favorite little group of local musical all-stars. to celebrate, the group has put together a CD-R of demos from the show. it’s called “ghosts of the river appomattox” & features 40 minutes of music from the group as well as screen printed artwork by joanna. the group is also looking to record some of these shows in the hopes of putting out a digital release based on “hamlet”. additionally, TLVS will be playing with norfolk’s long division on the 24th at rivermont pizza. that show should prove a cinematic rock dream come true!

WRITE UPS: virgineola’s involvement in “hamlet” is catching some press traffic locally. if you call our town your town, pick up a copy of the burg this week. in addition, the lynchburg news & advance has picked up the article. you can read that here. TLVS’ new record received a really favorable write-up from jason over at 7 inches. he has recently begun a forum to cover releases in different formats (video, digital, other sizes of vinyl, etc.). you can read his eloquent waxing here.

recent comings & goings

…so, the new year is only a weekend old & HSAL has already begun to make progress in 2010! first off, TLVS has continued working on their upcoming full length, entitled “porcelain”. so far, the album is about 85% completed, with the final pieces slated to come together by valentine’s day. the album has seen some progress in the duo’s output, with three new pieces that, to date, have never been played in a live setting. word is that some of this new material will find its way into their set at the end of the month, when they share an evening with cj boyd. we are hoping to have the 12″ wrapped up & ready to head off to the press in april.

virgineola, who are working on the b side to their upcoming split 7″ with the cj boyd sextet, have been offered the chance to score “hamlet”…well, sort of. as a part of their annual summer festival season, endstation theatre company have taken on the task of retelling the classic shakespearean tale through the filter of southern reconstruction era farm life. the group will not only be assembling music for the show, they will be performing as a part of the performance. this paring of professional theater & the group’s rustic post-rock vibe is already shaping up to be something really special. we are crossing our fingers on the ability to bootleg this one!

finally, we are looking to put together a small series of digital only releases that feature some of the fantastic work we are hearing from ’round our parts. our hope is to continue building on the fertile soil that our community has become. if you, or some artist you know, calls central virginia or north carolina home, & you want to get in on this series, hit us up – hardingstreet@gmail.com.