HSAL #29, “honeybrandy/Oahu”

HSAL #29: honeybrandy/Oahu, “honeybrandy/Oahu″ (CASS/DIG)

Who is “honeybrandy”? 2/3’s of TLVS
Who is “Oahu”? Todd Webb, illustrator, visual artist, & occasional seamonster
After seeing the them perform together this past spring, HSAL asked both acts to create a single composition of roughly 20 minutes in length for a split release. While akin in spirit, both acts turned in a unique experience. On the A side, honeybrandy weaves astrological readings into their trademark collage of synths, lap steel, & field recordings. The result is uneasy on the surface but soothing over time. Oahu’s B side is comparatively minimal, with subtle electronic layers lapping into the speakers like an impending tidal shift. Each side was tracked, performed, & mixed by the artist. The release was mastered by Andrew Horton.

NOTE: The digital copy of HSAL #29 includes a bonus track from each artist recorded in the same sessions as the cassette material.

AVAILABILITY: black shell c42, digital download (begins shipping 08/26)
ARTWORK: courtesy of HSAL; initial collage by Joanna McGlothlin

Return of the Mauch!

HSAL has recently learned that Benjamin Mauch will be returning to the states later this year! On a personal bent, we couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome a friend home. On a professional bent, we are excited by the potential for new material. To celebrate Ben’s imminent arrival, we are sharing his latest soundcloud jam here. Oh, & you can stream a set from the last time Ben was in the states here.

MAUCH - press shot 032816 (4x4, 150 dpi)

Pics From Norfolk VA Show!

  • asentimentalsong photo by Nathan McGlothlin.
  • honeybrandy photos by Joanna McGlothlin.

This past Friday, asentimentalsong & honeybrandy traveled east to space out for the patrons of Cure Coffeehouse & Brasserie in downtown Norfolk. It was great to spread the HSAL love to the tidewater folk. Highlights included complimentary Bellinis, strange sounds emanating from delay pedals during Himalayan Belles’ set, & honeybrandy inadvertently lighting patch cables on fire. Many thanks to Todd Webb for show set up & hospitality! In related news, look for TLVS to make their way back to Hampton Roads in the coming months…

Nathan’s solo work (among other things)

“Stilyagi” by Nathan McGlothlin.

Nathan, who has recently been revisiting minimal collages of sound as one half of honeybrandy, captured this brooding improvisation last weekend. He then pulled some visual footage from his library & assembled these altered state-inducing visuals as a companion piece. “Stilyagi” moves along at a similar pace to the live sets that honeybrandy has been revealing around Lynchburg VA this year. Along with Joey Wright, Nathan hopes to deliver a honeybrandy release via HSAL before the spring’s first bloom. Look for honeybrandy to continue playing out around Virginia & beyond in 2016.

In other news, TLVS is working out some new material over the holidays & is currently booking dates for the spring & summer. The group hopes to continue moving in the directions heard on “I Can Dream All Day” while incorporating less conventional percussive elements into future compositions. As their work is fleshed out & polished, we expect to hear new demos begin to appear as one-offs around the internet.