top of the month updates!

…so, DECEMBER is finally here! ’tis the season, & your friendly neighborhood record label is pretty jazzed at all the happenings around the lab of late:

HSAL #12 Cover

our second digital compilation is set to be released on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 7th! much like last time (HSAL #08), we have looked inward to find interesting music from ’round here. this go around, we have the fortunate opportunity to showcase new tunes from a few of our own (herizon, TLVS, & goodwill falcon all have new, unreleased pieces!). the current tracklisting is as follows (we reserve the right to add a track or two before the release date):

– brian hall (gladys va), “cinco de mayo (single edit)”
– the snowy owls (richmond va), “meadow”
– long division (norfolk va), “mutations”
– boas (richmond va), “all things”
– white laces (richmond va), “red buffalo check (white laces redux)”
– goodwill falcon (norfolk va), “from the lowest shelf”
– rugby (lynchburg va), “sick box”
– evenings (charlottesville va), “babe”
– the late virginia summers (lynchburg va), “matisse (early version)”
– herizon (lynchburg va), “chesapeake bay”

in other news, goodwill falcon will be joining a few tour stops with rugby in january. this tour pretty much hits every “cool” spot in virginia, so there’s no excuse not to catch one of these dates. as dates are confirmed, they will be listed here.

finally, HSAL #04 is set to be released TUESDAY, DECEMBER 28th. “the trail at blackwater creek” (due out as a cassette w/ digital download) was recorded in a single session back in june of 2009. it was a guitar duet b/t joe morgan (TLVS, asentimentalsong) & pd wilder (hotel hotel). after the initial recording, joe had nathan from TLVS assemble a sound collage to work as an accompaniment for the piece. the final result is a 30 minute piece that serves as a soundtrack to a walk through the underbelly of lynchburg virginia. as artwork is finalized for this cassette, we will post more details. if you are a fan of super minimal progressions & long, drawn out layers of guitar washes, this could be your favorite release of 2010!

recent comings & goings

…so, the new year is only a weekend old & HSAL has already begun to make progress in 2010! first off, TLVS has continued working on their upcoming full length, entitled “porcelain”. so far, the album is about 85% completed, with the final pieces slated to come together by valentine’s day. the album has seen some progress in the duo’s output, with three new pieces that, to date, have never been played in a live setting. word is that some of this new material will find its way into their set at the end of the month, when they share an evening with cj boyd. we are hoping to have the 12″ wrapped up & ready to head off to the press in april.

virgineola, who are working on the b side to their upcoming split 7″ with the cj boyd sextet, have been offered the chance to score “hamlet”…well, sort of. as a part of their annual summer festival season, endstation theatre company have taken on the task of retelling the classic shakespearean tale through the filter of southern reconstruction era farm life. the group will not only be assembling music for the show, they will be performing as a part of the performance. this paring of professional theater & the group’s rustic post-rock vibe is already shaping up to be something really special. we are crossing our fingers on the ability to bootleg this one!

finally, we are looking to put together a small series of digital only releases that feature some of the fantastic work we are hearing from ’round our parts. our hope is to continue building on the fertile soil that our community has become. if you, or some artist you know, calls central virginia or north carolina home, & you want to get in on this series, hit us up –