HSAL #42 – “KILLGXXD/Irving”

HSAL #42 Digital Cover (6x6, 300)


Our forty-second release is a super special collaboration! Thirty-five minutes across two EP’s that feature a pair of producers bringing their unique flavors to the Ol’ Dominion.

On the A side, KILLGXXD (Virginia by way of Los Angeles) drops eight cuts as a proper follow-up to his debut a few months back. This EP manages to stir up nostalgic samples & familial shout-outs without feeling outdated or played out. Like the perfect amusement park ride, you’ll find yourself coming back to this “feel good” over & over & over again.

On the B side, Irving (Virginia by way of Chicago) cuts & pastes his way through a “megamix” of stylistic left turns & speed bumps. The schizophrenic energy ushers the mind into the VIP & challenges the ears to decide between the come down & one more mysterious elixir. **Irving appears courtesy of Good Glass**

Both sides of this cassette ebb & flow like two house parties that have been psychically linked!

ARTWORK: courtesy of HSAL


HSAL #29, “honeybrandy/Oahu”

HSAL #29: honeybrandy/Oahu, “honeybrandy/Oahu″ (CASS/DIG)

Who is “honeybrandy”? 2/3’s of TLVS
Who is “Oahu”? Todd Webb, illustrator, visual artist, & occasional seamonster
After seeing the them perform together this past spring, HSAL asked both acts to create a single composition of roughly 20 minutes in length for a split release. While akin in spirit, both acts turned in a unique experience. On the A side, honeybrandy weaves astrological readings into their trademark collage of synths, lap steel, & field recordings. The result is uneasy on the surface but soothing over time. Oahu’s B side is comparatively minimal, with subtle electronic layers lapping into the speakers like an impending tidal shift. Each side was tracked, performed, & mixed by the artist. The release was mastered by Andrew Horton.

NOTE: The digital copy of HSAL #29 includes a bonus track from each artist recorded in the same sessions as the cassette material.

AVAILABILITY: black shell c42, digital download (begins shipping 08/26)
ARTWORK: courtesy of HSAL; initial collage by Joanna McGlothlin

HSAL #25 (“For My Friends” by Benjamin Mauch)

HSAL #25: Benjamin Mauch, “For My Friends” CASS $5 (+ S/H)

Benjamin Mauch is somewhat of an expatriate from the Old Dominion, currently residing in South Korea. Prior to his move abroad, Mauch grew up along the fall line & attended university in the foothills of the Blue Ridge (that’s about as “Virginia” as it gets). “For My Friends” was birthed out of close relationships formed during post-secondary education. Ambient tones & paths carved out with simple instruments (keys, guitar, laptop) are Mauch’s mode of communication.

Originally self-released, HSAL fell hard for this collection & sought out the chance to give “Friends” a physical release.

AVAILABILITY: gray cassette + digital download, run of 50
ARTWORK: courtesy of Benjamin Mauch (assembled by HSAL)

HSAL #06

HSAL #06 Split Cassette

HSAL 06: CAVE DRUMS / OmmaCobba & the East Side Marijuana Band Split Cassette $5 PPD

the A side, courtesy of CAVE DRUMS, is the most recent output from the brothers Condon, with a little help from their friends. these seven cuts feature members of herizon & virgineola, & were mixed at the harding street assembly lab. the B side features music from great white northern neighbors OmmaCobba, who met the Condons online (think more e-harmony than dateline’s “to catch a predator”). while many of these tunes have been on previous releases, they compliment the vibe of this cassette just shy of perfectly. we recommend taking in this full length cassette as you would a 2nd hand smoke filled house show…complete w/ friends, brews, & good times.

AVAILABILITY: black cassette + digital download, limited run of 100
ARTWORK: courtesy of andy kaufman’s death mask
PURCHASE: hardingstreet.bandcamp.com