current murmurings.

we are but weeks from the official beginnings of autumn, & your friendly neighborhood assembly lab couldn’t be more excited. things just seem more crisp & in focus as the days shorten & the afternoons cool down. quite a few things going on at HSAL these days, so we figured that we would catch you up on our comings & goings:

– a neat little blog from canada recently spoke kindly about HSAL #06. avant lard, based in montreal, had this to say about the ommacobba side: “ommacobba’s work covers a rich spectrum of droned out RnR, to fake-jazzy freakouts, to krauty-space-stoner-pop, usually accompanied by large tom drum workouts and always given a generous portion of reverb and melody. daniel and denis definitely understand beauty and how to have a good time, their music reflects this take on life. the sound is a much needed breath of fresh air.

– joe from TLVS has recently been interviewed for QRD, an online zine that covers drone & other “out there” types of sound. this is the first in-depth interview joe has ever done, but he came through with flying colors. you can nerd out with all the case, ax, pedal, & hero talk here.

– we are working on a 12″ release from ALASKA. the three-piece (with help from a fourth recently moved ex-member) just finished tracking their debut LP in a house out towards the western city limits of lynchburg virginia. they are putting together some really groovy instrumental rock with tons of surf leads. our hope is to release this LP by the time leaves are done changing colors.

– there are rumors of solo full lengths from both herizon & asentimentalsong (both featured on HSAL #08) being recorded this fall.

(star city based) kind words for HSAL #08!

so, the “in the know” roanoke based blog scenic recovery has taken the time to put down some kind words about our digital comp, HSAL #08:

“Informed by the crop of late 90’s/early 2000’s experimental indie bands like Labradford, Pan.American and Sparklehorse, HSAL #8 is a deliciously lo-fi compilation of VA-based bands that have worked in and with the Lynchburg-based Harding St. family. Everything from ambient, Eno-style soundscapes (A Sentimental Song), twee-folk (Moruza) to noise and dream-pop (Herizon, Goodwill Falcon) is represented, and gives a good idea of the kind of music being made under the radar in the Old Dominion. Did we also mention that it’s free?”

also, one of scenic’s writers put together a 10 minute sound collage based on the different tracks from HSAL #08. you can stream that here.