HSAL #21 (12″ Comp)

HSAL 21 Cover Art

HSAL #21: various artists, HSAL compilation #3 12″ LP $8 (+ shpng)

this is HSAL’s third mid-atlantic based compilation & our first one to take shape in a physical form. the goal of these compilations (HSAL #08, #12, & now #21) is to pair our stable of artists with great sounds from regional based like-minded acts. our reasoning behind a physical release on this comp is simple – we wanted to help good bands fill merch tables with great sounds. while we can’t sign every great band we hear, we can offer this small token of our appreciation for their work.

brand new jams from oulipo, the snowy owls, goodwill falcon, TLVS, & white laces…great sounds from the diamond center, borrowed beams of light, top girls, rugby, matt northrup, maxfield alan háag, & nelly kate!

AVAILABILITY: two-tone marbled vinyl + digital download, run of 300
ARTWORK: courtesy of matthew klimas
PURCHASE: hardingstreet.bandcamp.com

HSAL #03

HSAL 03: The Late Virginia Summers, “Porcelain” $13 PPD

“porcelain” represents a sort of rebirth for TLVS. it’s the first time that the band has presented recordings as a two piece (not including last year’s HSAL #02, whose a side also appears here). it’s also the first time that the band took on all the tracking, mixing, & assembling of an album themselves. the full length (7 songs clocking in at just over 34 minutes) showcases a maturity & reach only flirted with on the group’s previous affairs (2007’s “sundowning“, 2008’s “winter” EP). at times layered & vibrant (“pebble azalea starfish”, “deep persimmon”), at others somber & fluid (“marbled atlantic”, “twilight wash”), this record is the culmination of a new dream for the late virginia summers.

AVAILABILITY: marbled vinyl 12″ + digital download, limited run of 100
ARTWORK: courtesy of the harding street assembly lab
PURCHASE: http://tlvs.bandcamp.com