HSAL #31: “Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon”

HSAL #31 (6x6, 300).jpg

HSAL #31: Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, “Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon” CD $6 (+ shpng)

At nearly twenty minutes, Harmon crafts short stories. For some, the lyric comes off as an observation. For others, a declaration. The added gloss of his vocal delivery serve to only draw the audience in further & further. While these tunes could hit the mark as simple acoustic numbers, the overall style & execution (carved from multiple studio sessions), send these four tunes over the top.

Beginning as homemade demos sent out west for reference, HSAL #31’s foundation was established over a four-day session in a converted living room. From there, layer after tasteful layer was added on via input & connections from producer Chris Schlarb (Psychic Temple, Sky Chefs, Detangler). The finished product is an EP’s worth of silky smooth passages crafted by solid gold musicianship.

AVAILABILITY: CD / DIG (pre-order through 08/04/17)
ARTWORK: Cover image by Joel Kaiser & Marcelo Quarantotto, Assembly by HSAL
PURCHASE: hardingstreet.bandcamp.com


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