Online Cred Expansion!

First off, thanks to EVERYONE who has been streaming the Outside Records that we have posted thus far. It’s been cool to hear from folks who remember those sweaty basement shows at Spanky’s or the serenades from the back of Percival’s Isle. Equally neat has been the response from people who have never heard of Brian Hall & are digging into this material for the first time. We are so thrilled for this labor of love. Trust when we say that we’ve only just begun…

Mauch Live 110516 (2x2, 150)
(Mauch performing in Forest VA, 11/05/16)

Resident electronic whiz-kid Benjamin Mauch was recently featured on the inaugural episode of a new podcast called “GrooveBox Society“. Each month, the podcast spends time with group of artists within the realms of electronic music. Additionally, the site posts reviews & use cases for various hard/soft ware. Seems like a cool spot & we’re pumped to see HSAL folks included!

Next week will be HUGE for HSAL! In addition to a new installment from Outside, we will be announcing pre-orders for our next releases. There’s gonna be extras to go along with some of this stuff – we can’t wait to share these sounds with you all!

TL;DR: Brain Hall is blowing up on the HSAL bandcamp, Mauch’s on a podcast, & there’s a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT happening next week.

For the time being, we’ll just leave this right here

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