Lynchstock Poster

As March turns into April, there are TONS going on at your friendly neighborhood record label! In terms of live performance, the largest piece of our spring puzzle is the fifth annual Lynchstock Music Festival. April 22nd is when HSAL will curate an afternoon stage featuring honeybrandy & Benjamin Mauch (some great friends of the label will be show up as well). Lloyd Harmon & KillGXXD return to the Lynchstock lineup after stellar sets last year turned them into heavy hitters across the Commonwealth. Tickets for the entire festival are still available here.

Speaking of Mr. Harmon, we received the final mixes for his debut release from producer Chris Schlarb this week. THEY ARE ASTOUNDINGLY GOOD! The record is currently being mastered & prepped for a summer release. Hands down, this will be the sassiest thing HSAL has had the privilege to be a part of.

While skipping out on the Lynchstock party this year, TLVS is still making things happen. They are playing in town (on the Speakertree stage, of course!) this Thursday, April 6th, with Joyful Noise act Sound Of Ceres. They are also looking at some summer action with Connecticut’s Landing.

Finally, we have added local indie throwback (& Lynchstock performers) Quick On My Feet to our upcoming covers compilation. Here’s how the whole thing has shaped up:

  • Lloyd Harmon (Barbara Streisand)
  • Band & The Beat (The Stone Roses)
  • honeybrandy & friends (Cocteau Twins)
  • Benjamin Mauch (TLVS)
  • asentimentalsong (Eluvium)
  • Quick On My Feet (Celine Dion)
  • TLVS (Audio Explorations)
  • Oahu (William Basinski)

The FREE (!!!) compilation will be available through our bandcamp page Friday, April 21st…just in time for Lynchstock!


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