HSAL #34: “Band & The Beat”


HSAL #34: Band & The Beat, “Band & The Beat” CS $6 (+ shpng)

In somewhat of a stylistic departure from recent HSAL output, Band & The Beat deliver slick pop dressed to the nines in layers of synth. Bucking the current trend of allowing laptops to drive the live show, James & Tracy pull off EVERYTHING you hear in real time. After seeing this duo in action (they’ve shared stages with TLVS) & catching a buzz from their positive energy, we just had to work with them. This cassette is a compilation of the digital singles that B&TB have released over the past year, the most recent of which being “Sweet As Honey” & “Look Up”.

NOTE: Digital copies of all these songs may be found at www.bxtb.bandcamp.com.

AVAILABILITY: Pink Cassettes w/ Blue Ink in Clear Cases, run of 50
ARTWORK: courtesy of James Tritten
PURCHASE: hardingstreet.bandcamp.com


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