HSAL love across Virginia!


(TLVS photo courtesy of Nikki DiDomenico)

This past weekend, HSAL was all over the Old Dominion! In Lynchburg, Joanna was selling her homemade holiday decorations at a craft fair one day & then teaching gelli printmaking with the Gypsy Art Bar on the other day. We here at the lab are looking forward to her output across multiple mediums as the weather turns cold.

TLVS & honeybrandy hit the road for a weekend in the Tidewater. TLVS flexed their instrumental rock muscle at Charlie’s American Cafe after witnessing the first ever live set from Virginia Beach’s Oahu. NOTE: If you haven’t heard Oahu yet, you owe it to yourself to check out his side of the split with honeybrandy as well as his new cassette EP.

honeybrandy provided a sonic backdrop for Norfolk based photographer Beth Austin‘s exhibit & book release. It was wild to see the old guard of Norfolk’s punk rock scene vibe out to Joey & Nathan’s mellow.

Stay tuned to HSAL as future show dates materialized for many of our artists!



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