33 Days & COUNTING!

For the next (roughly) month or so, Lloyd Harmon is raising funds for the studio time that will translate into his HSAL debut. The goal is for the trio (Lloyd, Tyler, & Judah) to spend a week with Chris Schlarb in mid-July. From now until then, the trio will be playing shows in support of this effort. Additionally, Harmon will be seeking to convert interest into action from his fanbase & beyond via online crowdfunding.

Assuming you are familiar with Kickstarter, Harmon’s gift tiers for support are rather standard, except that you will be receiving one-of-a-kind visual & sonic art from LLOYD HARMON! To say this guy is on another plane is to understand his magic. Custom tees, exclusive access to live performances, & more are being offered up in exchange for assistance in making this record a reality…

LLOYD HARMON - press shot B (4x4, 150 dpi)

Click here to be a part of Lloyd Harmon’s Kickstarter effort!


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