Last Year, Part Five (Todd Webb)

We have reached out to different people within & around the HSAL camp to find out what inspired them last year. In the coming days, we’ll post a series of lists. Our hope is that you will get an idea of where we are coming from. Our fifth entry is courtesy of Todd Webb. Todd’s “day job” has more of a visual bent – underground comic illustrations, crayon drawings, whathaveyou. Under cloak of night (UBER-dramatic) he creates sounds via the Seamonster moniker. Here’s what inspired Todd’s creative output in 2015:

#1The Happy Reader a quarterly publication from Penguin Books entirely devoted to reading. Its amazing, thoughtful, and very well designed!

#2:  Domenique Dumont, “Comme Ca” the head of my record label tipped me off to this record, its terrific and I listened to it nonstop for a period of days.

#3“The Nothing That Is” – this was was a super inspiring group art show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Raleigh NC consisting of work from a TON of great artists, including a few of my favorites. I was honored to be asked to participate in the show, so had an excuse to visit the exhibit several times over the summer, and each viewing was better than the last. Super special.

#4: Polaris, “Live At Lincoln Hall” & #5: Deerhoof, “Fever 121614” – Two of my favorite bands put out live albums this year, Polaris (the band from Pete & Pete) and Deerhoof. Both were wonderful, but Deerhoof gets extra points on my list by surprising me by including a drawing I did in their album packaging!

I closed out 2015 finally getting to read Brian Eno’s “A Year With Swollen Appendices” which I’d been trying to find for what seems like forever. So far it is a great read. Honorable mentions in the music world: Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper, and Mt Eerie’s latest offering “Sauna“.


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