Last Year, Part Three (Joanna McGlothlin)

We have reached out to different people within & around the HSAL camp to find out what inspired them last year. In the coming days, we’ll post a series of lists. Our hope is that you will get an idea of where we are coming from. Our third entry is courtesy of Joanna McGlothlin. For all intents & purposes, Joanna is HSAL’s art director. She has also presented her mixed media work at galleries & independent storefronts across the mid-Atlantic for the past few years. Here’s what inspired Joanna’s creative output in 2015:

#1: Jennifer Orkin LewisMuch like Joanna, Lewis works in multiple mediums. Her work is, for the most part, grounded in reality & occasionally seems to have a French flair to it.

#2: Julie Fei-Fan BalzerBalzer gets her hands dirty on several different fronts. She isn’t afraid of incorporating all three dimensions into her presentation.

#3: Tanja Jensen’s tiny foodThe attention to detail on such a small work surface has certainly spoken into Joanna’s work with the miniature houses & scenes she has built around the holidays!

#4: #dailybleeps by Todd WebbConsider Webb’s 15 second compositions a daily ritual for Joanna. These single shot moving pictures with minimal synth accompaniment are not just captured memories, they’re what you’d see through the keyhole to Webb’s psyche.

#5: Alice & Martin ProvensenJoanna also spent some time with religious icons and imagery for specific projects. Santos cage dolls & ex voto Milagros in particular but especially the illustrations presented by this couple always serve to inspire.


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