Last Year, Part Two (Lloyd Harmon)

We have reached out to different people within & around the HSAL camp to find out what inspired them last year. In the coming days, we’ll post a series of lists. Our hope is that you will get an idea of where we are coming from. Here’s what Lloyd Harmon, a songwriter from Maryland whose compositions lean into the avant-garde more than any strand of folk or pop, turned in:

#1: Carl Sagan, “The Dragons Of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence” (1st edition, 1977)

#2: Numerology concept of a supernatural relationship between numbers & coinciding physical events.

#3: Edwin Abbott Abbott, “Flatland: A Romance Of Many Dimensions” (first published in 1884)

#4: Transhumanismfuturistic concept that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into different beings with abilities so greatly expanded from the natural condition as to merit the label of posthuman beings.

#5: Katshiro Otomo, “Akira” (manga, 1982 – 1990)



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