We here at the lab wanted to thank everyone for support across social media, streaming media, physical media, & (MOST IMPORTANTLY) live media! To celebrate, we’ve redone the look & feel of our site. We’ve curated a new HSAL sampler on soundcloud. We’ve begun booking more shows around our hometown & abroad! Here’s where you can see us in the coming weeks:

HONEYBRANDY: 01/08 @ Riverviews Artspace
– Playing the opening of Tuo Wang’s “Chorus” installation

ASENTIMENTALSONG: 01/22 @ The Academy Center Of The Arts
– Opening for Lloyd Harmon & JULIANNA BARWICK!!!

TLVS: 02/19 @ The Cave (Chapel Hill NC)
– Playing with The Band & The Beat

TLVS: 02/20 @ Speakertree
– Playing with The Band & The Beat

We’re looking forward to seeing new recordings by spoken word artist Mike Tannian, honeybrandy, and a few others in the coming months. Oh, & there’s still that remix EP that TLVS set up with our Swedish brethren at red star community.


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