Nathan’s solo work (among other things)

“Stilyagi” by Nathan McGlothlin.

Nathan, who has recently been revisiting minimal collages of sound as one half of honeybrandy, captured this brooding improvisation last weekend. He then pulled some visual footage from his library & assembled these altered state-inducing visuals as a companion piece. “Stilyagi” moves along at a similar pace to the live sets that honeybrandy has been revealing around Lynchburg VA this year. Along with Joey Wright, Nathan hopes to deliver a honeybrandy release via HSAL before the spring’s first bloom. Look for honeybrandy to continue playing out around Virginia & beyond in 2016.

In other news, TLVS is working out some new material over the holidays & is currently booking dates for the spring & summer. The group hopes to continue moving in the directions heard on “I Can Dream All Day” while incorporating less conventional percussive elements into future compositions. As their work is fleshed out & polished, we expect to hear new demos begin to appear as one-offs around the internet.



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