HSAL #27 – “At The Old Cemetery Chapel”

HSAL #27: Benjamin Mauch, “At The Old Cemetery Chapel″ (DIGITAL Only)

The story goes that Ben & some other friends of HSAL were going to play this old firehouse in downtown Lynchburg on Father’s Day weekend as part of an electronic & ambient showcase. When that show fell apart a week out, HSAL decided to take on the task of creating a replacement show. We called in a favor from some friends at the Old City Cemetery (for our money, one of the Hill City’s best public spaces) & put together a smaller bill in the chapel (In Sonitus Lux & Hill City Eye & Ear Control also played that evening).

Ben showed up & informed us that he’d be playing a completely new set & that he’d be down with us tracking it. He performed a 30 minute set as the daylight disappeared from the stained glass. We set up a pair of SM57’s against the back wall of the chapel & loaded a 30+ year old used cassette in the tape deck. What you hear is the result. No overdubs or fancy post-production work. Just a moment in time.

AVAILABILITY: digital download, free of charge
ARTWORK: courtesy of HSAL

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