Live Jams From The HSAL Family!

The show this past weekend at the Old City Cemetery, just up the hill from downtown Lynchburg, went down as something special! We were able to capture some audio from both Hill City Eye & Ear Control & Benjamin Mauch, who’s “For My Friends” EP is still available on limited edition cassette here. We’re actually working with Ben to release his entire set digitally in the coming weeks (stay tuned – there was palpable magic in that set!), but we wanted to get this live cut from the Eye & Ear guys up quickly. The quartet really seemed to be in tune with the vibes given off by the space & the grave garden itself. Captured on a used 30+ year old cassette via two strategically placed SM57’s before being converted to digital, this track is a wonderful document of the group’s current power. If you have 15 minutes to spare, stream “Track #2”. It’s a bit of a commitment, but it’s a wild ride.


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