HSAL all over VA this past weekend!


The Accidental Parade at the Wolves Den, 11/07/14. (courtesy of Oacar De la Whiney).

This past week saw TLVS making their way through some new haunts in familiar towns. Joe & Nathan FINALLY returned to the Tipsy Teapot & made some new fans down eastern Carolina way. In Norfolk, they met up with The Accidental Parade for a killer house show! Both bands brought their “A” game to the crowded house & memories were made. TLVS will be back on the Speakertree stage for one more 2014 live set on the 21st, when they open for Eternal Summers & Left & Right.

If you were in downtown Lynchburg this past Saturday, you no doubt saw the masses making their way to the parking deck on 10th b/t Commerce & Main. The Vintage Lynchburg expo was a really big, really classy showcase of the Hill City’s different creative types. Joanna presented her HSAL Art booth & featured dozens of holiday themed creations (ornaments, small houses, miniature trees, & the like). While the day was very successful for Joanna, she still has a small amount of inventory. She’s looking to place a few pieces in different boutiques locally & launch an Etsy shop for those who can’t get to Lynchburg before the holidays. STAY TUNED!

TLVS at the Wolves Den, 11/07/14 (courtesy of Oacar De la Whiney).

TLVS at the Wolves Den, 11/07/14 (courtesy of Oacar De la Whiney).


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