HSAL #22 (The Accidental Parade 12″ EP)

HSAL #22 (one-sided 12

HSAL #22: The Accidental Parade 12″ EP $15 (PPD)

HSAL #22 is the one-sided 12″ EP debut from The Accidental Parade, a bass guitar/trap set duet. Their sound harkens back to a simpler time, when bands still traded cassette demos at house shows. When the internet hadn’t been established as THE mode of communication & simple, catchy hooks weren’t tucked into layers of digital beats & song samples. When post-adolescents were hopeful for the next Touch & Go signing & their copy of the new Dischord catalog to arrive in the post.

The set here is six economical jams, tracked in a single January weekend up in Richmond with Kelly Posadas. We put the entire set on a single side of 150 gram black vinyl. We also invited the band to design the entire presentation. They went with red tip-on jackets, hand-made artwork, & inserts.

AVAILABILITY: one-sided 150g black vinyl + digital download, run of 100
ARTWORK: courtesy of the accidental parade


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