the (recorded) return of HSAL & then some.

Thanks to the most recent endeavor of purchasing & running a record shop / performance space (has it been a year & a half already?), your friendly neighborhood record label has been practically dormant since the summer of 2012. As 2013 comes to an end, we are finally at a place where creative juices are not just flowing, but eroding away layers of schedule conflicts, restlessness, & apathy. In 2014, we hope to bring you some of the commonwealth’s more engaging projects including (but not limited to):

* TLVS (Lynchburg): Joe & Nathan have been playing shows, booking shows, tackling solo projects, helping bands get off the ground, & more since 2012’s home recorded split 10″ with Norfolk’s Long Division. With time comes maturity, & the new record is a testament to the energy that the duet has been creating on stage for quite some time. The new LP, tentatively entitled “I Can Dream All Day”, will be the band’s first opportunity to work with other people on a project (the album is being tracked & mixed with Jon Anderson at Whalehead in Virginia Beach). Expect recent live favorites (“TV-MA-LSV”, “Claire Kincaid”) to ebb & flow alongside of newer, more frenetic compositions.

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