crazy from the heat…

…so, we FINALLY began to see some rain in our town after several weeks without. lack of rain + some of the hottest days we’ve ever experienced in the hill city = no excuse for your friendly neighborhood record label to take a break! we have so much to do…here’s a few of the details:

virgineola has begun it’s string of performances as part of endstation theatre’s “macbeth”! the local media has been getting behind this, the conclusion to the blue ridge summer theatre festival. here’s an article from our local arts weekly that covers the band & how they came to be involved with the theatre company & “macbeth” is particular. you can also hear some of the music that virgineola has tracked for the show in the player above:

white laces will be releasing their new LP, a collection of songs by the name of “moves”, next month on speakertree records. we’ve heard this LP & believe it to be one of the best things to come out of our commonwealth this year! we will be carrying copies in the distro by the time fall semester gets underway!

– in case you hadn’t already heard, HSAL is buying a record shop! our local haunt, “speakertree records” is currently closed as we stake claim on it & prepare it according to our wildest dreams! our hope is to be up & running strong not too long after august 1st. the shop, located at 522 fifth st (corner of fifth & madison) in downtown lynchburg, will also serve as the HQ for our label…so expect every release, both from our label & the distro, to ALWAYS be in stock (well, until they are completely gone forever). we are also working on filling up the live performance & art opening calendar for the rest of the year, but more on that once the shop reopens.


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