trying to look like you don’t try…

…we are working our way towards the summer heat here at the ol’ assembly lab!

ARTISTS: several bands are really pushing themselves in studio spaces across the mid-atlantic, with the snowy owls, white laces, rugby, & TLVS are working on new albums that should be surfacing in the waning months of this year. goodwill falcon has pretty much rethought their approach to sound, both for live performance & recorded work. look for carter & dan to bring a completely synthesized rig to upcoming shows, as they have cut guitars out completely!

DISTRO: we have been collecting various recordings from friends for a while now & have finally constructed a distribution system for these records on our site. Simply click on “HSAL DISTRO” in the menu on the right hand side of this page & be swept away to non-HSAL releases that we still consider extended family.

SHOWS: HSAL is working with some local (read: downtown lynchburg) establishments to set up a weekend of HSAL approved shows this fall! as we approach the fall semester, most details should materialize. In the meantime, be sure to get out to a performance of “macbeth” out at sweetbriar college next month. virgineola‘s most recent incarnation, featuring members of TLVS & the maplewaves, will be helping turn one of the campus’ well known dells into the estate of early 19th century up-&-coming land owners .


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