did you say you felt that?

…some new virgineola material has begun to surface as the winds begin to blow cold. while these “source” tracks are tracked by nathan alone, he is working with a new core of musicians to flesh out these ideas after the first of the year. we look forward to more & more sounds being unleased from the virgineola camp as the summer & their work with endstation theatre‘s performance of “macbeth” draws near.

…we are in the home stretch for all the tracking & mixing of the maplewaves‘ debut album! 10 songs of lonely autumn strolls with only lost love to stir the soul (ok, there’s a few snappy ones thrown in for good measure). rumor has the band doing something pretty unique for the release. look for those tunes to be out & about around valentine’s day. in similar news, we are starting to receive inquiries from different groups interested in working with harding street in a tracking & mixing capacity. we are pretty booked up through january, but are always interested in interesting things (NOTE: it would help if what you’re doing sonically plays nice with records we have been involved with). hit us up with ideas you may have – our email is hardingstreet@gmail.com.

…test presses for HSAL #17 & HSAL #19 are currently on their way to the lab! we can not wait to get these records released, as we are quite sure they’re some of the best sounds we’ve been involved with yet.

…finally, joe morgan (TLVS, asentimentalsong) will be out on the west coast for a few weeks in january touring with “parties“. after laying down nearly 4 HOURS (!!!) of material, joe, along with pd wilder & andrew weathers
have mixed down the highlights to create a handful of slow burners. you can stream a couple of jams here & gear up for “monster mash” (their debut cassette), which will be available beginning with the aforementioned west coast dates.


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