is that your name or a doctor’s eye chart?

…it’s been what the kids would refer to as a “hott minute” since our last update. we’ve just been too busy getting things done ’round here! here’s a list of the things that are happening in the world of the harding street assembly lab:

– we’re STILL waiting on the shipment of HSAL #16 (split 10″ b/t TLVS & long division). the folks that are making the records for us are working to get these EP’s in our hands by the time our rescheduled release show takes place down in norfolk on the 15th. the day that we receive the copies, we plan to ship out all of our pre-orders (THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!!!)

white laces are in the midst of a brief hiatus. with a 1/4 of the band currently trekking europe, the remainder are working on writing the band’s first full length album. plans for the group to, err, regroup in late october will coincide with rehearsal for more shows throughout the fall & winter, the first of which will be in NYC on 10th of november.

herizon has finished tracking a rather dark, yet engaging collection of songs that we hope to release in the winter. a few songs from previous releases have been reworked (“cave drums”, “home again”) in an effort to sonically marry up to newer tracks (“tied to me” has become a classic here at the HSAL offices!). plans are still being worked through on the format of the release, but, rest assured, it will be one of HSAL’s finer moments!

– HSAL #17 (split 10″ b/t white laces & the snowy owls) has been turned in! 3 KILLER jams from white laces (including what was initially planned as the “hands in mexico” single) on the A side will be paired with 4 as of yet unreleased tunes from richmond newest fuzz merchants. the lead track, “could” features BGV’s from members of fellow RVA luminaries adah. HSAL #17 will be sent off to press this week & we are hoping for an early december release.

– HSAL #19 (split 10″ b/t asentimentalsong & brooklyn’s guilty ghosts) is also finally ready for press. this features a single 15 minute drone from j. morgan on the a side, with 3 slow burners (recorded in a single take) from one of NYC’s finest holding down the reverse side. our goal is to have this one off to press & back in time for a holiday release date. if you have ever heard either of these artists, you know to expect a headphone record extraordinaire! we are super jazzed to share this one with you all!

– TLVS is currently working on material for a follow-up to 2010’s “porcelain“. they have been demoing new jams, as well as fleshing them out on stage. one such jam is “eid mar”, which the two piece recently posted online here.


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