Let the rhythm hit’em…

so, a few updates on the comings & goings around the ol’ campfire:

white laces have already begun the promotional campaign for their upcoming split 10″ with fellow RVA based pop group the snowy owls. the video for lead single “hands in mexico” debuted on YVYNYL earlier today & is already seeing good traffic. you can head over to the ever so hip blog to read their two cents & you can stream the video directly below…

TLVS are finishing up a month of extended weekends on the road with a performance down in norfolk this saturday! they will be bringing new tunes & new visuals along with fellow HSAL comrades white laces in support of the final showing of the mighty long division. this show is doubling as the release party for HSAL #16, the split 10″ b/t long division & TLVS, which is due into the shop any day now! once we receive them, the pre-orders will be shipping out. both bands should have copies of the EP for sale at the show, so bring some extra coin. in related news, it has come to our knowledge that a small tropical disturbance is looking to steal the limelight this weekend. should you know any reliable weather controlling types, please encourage them to supply a high pressure system to blow in from the west. we’d love to breathe a sigh of relief as white laces take the stage to begin the evening…

– nathan from virgineola is working on a new project with another group from our neck of the woods. the maplewaves will be crashing at the assembly lab off & on in september to track their debut full length. we are excited to hear the outcome of this endeavor, as the waves’ live sound comes off like a 21st century retelling of “harvest”….real nice stuff (in our biased opinion). fingers crossed that these sessions produce something special!


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