…her presence & her delta eyes.

…well, friends, it’s graduation weekend here in our hometown (we have four colleges within the city limits). what does that mean? simply put, we treat this weekend like we would a severe storm – don’t go out unless you have to. and, while we plan to tempt fate tonight with a trek to rivermont pizza later for alaska’s final show, we will most likely be barricaded inside the house spinning records & streaming netflix by dawn! we figured a news update wouldn’t be too much to get together before the evening’s festivities get underway…

– our 10″ series is taking longer to get underway than initially anticipated. not to fear, though! HSAL #16 (TLVS & long division) is already at the plant & HSAL #19 (asentimentalsong & guilty ghosts) should be ready to send off in the coming week! we are hoping to release both of these close to the same time this summer, which will probably mean package deals when they are ready to go. HSAL #17 & #18 are currently being worked out & we look forward to sharing the details on both of those EP’s soon!

– we have posted bunches of new photos from events including long division’s weekend tracking their side of HSAL #16, the recent TLVS spring tour, & our trip to last month’s MACRoCk! you can see where we’ve been here

– be on the lookout for HSAL action in your town this summer! most of our groups are hard at work compiling extended weekends & regional tour dates in the coming weeks & months. as white laces, goodwill falcon, rugby, & TLVS land more dates, you will be able to get the details here.


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