devil on the deep blue sea behind me…

no april fools pranks here! just wanted to share a few “up to the minute” items that we figured you may be into…

white laces will be performing not once, but twice this weekend as part of this year’s MACRoCk festivities! friday night has the group on a bill at the clementine that includes the super vacations, pujol, & screaming females. saturday afternoon has landis doing a special acoustic set as part of the label expo at the blue nile! he’s set to play around 230P. we are jazzed for this opportunity to see a special showcase of white laces tunes…the always dreamy jonathan vassar will be performing at the acoustic show as well.

– as promised earlier, TLVS has some live jams up on the ol’ internets! they were able to include our good friend andrew weathers on acoustic guitar for the set. you can download 26 minutes of their set from their on-air performance at WUAG (03.28.11) here:


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