night ranger playing in the stereo!

…well, it’s been spring for nearly a week, & the high temp for the day is the low 40’s. BOOOOOO! some things just don’t seem right these days. other things, however, are as they should be. the 1st weekend of april in virginia means one thing: MACRoCk! this year, your friendly neighborhood record label will be making an appearance at the label expo. it will be saturday @ the blue nile from 12P – 4P. attendees will be able to shop from all sorts of regional vendors & labels. our good friends from speakertree records will be there peddling wares as well! you can see the most up to date list of business participating in the expo here. in related MACRoCk news, white laces will be performing as part of friday night’s festivities! they, along with such heavy hitters as andrew cedermark, the super vacations, pujol & screaming females, will be performing at the clementine.

the late virginia summers are winding up their spring tour this weekend! their travels have taken them through the tennesee river valley & tobacco road. the remainder of the “spring fling” finds the two piece in chesapeake & williamsburg before landing them back home in lynchburg for a date with boston’s arms & sleepers on the 3rd. the group is also working on a collection of live audio & video from different performances from the tour, including an on-air session at WUAG with friend & budding composer andrew weathers. these clips & tracks should find an online home in the days to come.

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