you only want me when i’m fever dreamin’.

…we have been busy little bees of late! here are but a few of the things your friendly neighborhood record label has-a-brewin’:

– many of our current releases are now available through experimedia! experimedia is an incredible mail order distribution that focuses on the more “out there” types of sounds. most of the HSAL releases have tracks available to stream on the site as well, which will allow for a much more far reaching audience than we currently hold via bandcamp, facebook, & the like. we are happy to know that our records (HSAL #01, #02, #03, #04, & #10) have found this new home.

white laces will be heading up to the NYC yet again this weekend. what makes this go around particularly special is that the “hip” kids think this is the show to be at. also in tow will be richmond’s TUNGS, who will be splitting an EP from our upcoming 10” series with white laces!

alaska will be performing in lynchburg for the first time in 2011 next week! they will be taking on the crowd at rivermont pizza along side of pennsylvania’s dead horse. you can get more details here. the trio plans to dot the east coast with shows throughout the spring & summer. should you feel inclined to help them with a show (they’d LOVE your assistance!), you can catch up with mike, lee, & mike via their facebook page.


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