we are young despite the years…

…so, a few updates to keep you informed on the comings & goings of your friendly neighborhood record label:

TLVS has completed tracking & mixing for their half of the upcoming split 10″ EP with norfolk’s long division. the A side of HSAL #16 clocks in a just over 15 minutes & includes a finally realized version of “heather majestic purple”, which was one of the first demos ever recorded as a two piece (back in late 2008). also included is the duo’s newest composition, “matisse” (you can hear an early version of the track here). the B side, featuring two long division selections that didn’t make it to last year’s “calm before“, will be tracked at the harding street assembly lab by joe & nathan. if you have caught the band live of late, you know that the extra material broods a bit more than the upbeat “calm”. this first entry into our split 10″ series should prove an exciting launch pad for more great works to come!

asentimentalsong is also tracking material for an upcoming split 10″ EP, which will be split with brooklyn’s guilty ghosts. the goal is to create a single 15 minute piece that calls to mind last year’s inclusion on HSAL #12, “rejoyful“. as for guilty ghosts, we understand that the B side will be a bit different than his upcoming LP, “veils” (which, on a personal note, we can not wait to hear!!!). the ghost warns of a potential guitar duet, as well as outtakes from the aformentioned full-length.

– finally, white laces, goodwill falcon, alaska, & TLVS are all in the midst of playing shows & booking even more shows. you can see what they have already worked out here. you can reach out to the bands directly if you are up for booking a show…to our knowledge, none of them bite.


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