6 more weeks of winter and then some…

so, we have made it through the holidays & now we have that anxious, quasi-tense feeling that comes when spring can’t get here soon enough! we’re guessing you’re in the same boat. that’s why we’re hoping that you’ll share our excitement with everything in the on deck circle…

we’ve been working on a series of split releases for 2011! the way it’s going to work is A) each release will be a clear 10″ lathe-cut record in a screen printed cardstock jacket, B) each release will include a digital download of the EP, & C) each release will feature new music from an HSAL artist on one side & a friend of the label on the other. so far the lineups will be:

– the late virginia summers (lynchburg va) & long division (norfolk va)
– white laces (richmond va) & TUNGS (richmond va)
– asentimentalsong (lynchburg va) & guilty ghosts (brooklyn ny)

in other news, most of our roster are taking to the road this spring! both white laces & the late virginia summers are in the final throes of booking tours (white laces will be at SXSW, TLVS are racing through KY, TN, NC, & VA), while goodwill falcon & alaska are picking up shows around the region. we are also working to get our good friends rugby in front of new crowds. you can check out all the dates here!

finally, we are playing host to a few non-HSAL titles: rugby’s “indian corn” cassette EP & the stellar double CD-R album by meeting house entitled “summer lawn, locust song“. rugby’s cassette features some of the pop hooks that the duo infected ears with earlier this month on their winter tour. “summer lawn” is filled with wildly ambitious folk music that recalls her space holiday. both releases can be purchased from us at TLVS shows or over the internet…hit us up: hardingstreet@gmail.com


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