HSAL #04: “the trail at blackwater creek”

HSAL #04 Cover Art

HSAL 04: “the trail at blackwater creek”

it was the summer of 2009, & austin’s hotel hotel were in the midst of a US tour that brought them through lynchburg virginia, home to the late virginia summers (TLVS). after sharing a rather incestuous performance (which ended in members of both groups performing a spaced out percussion fest), joe morgan (TLVS) & pd wilder (hotel hotel) took on the challenge of recording a single session. the goal was to simply improvise a minimal duet. no overdubs, no mulligans. the result was a 30 minute piece that would later serve as the basis for “creek”.

enter “post production”. joe asked TLVS partner nathan mcglothlin (who had been creating sound collages for live sets with his other band, virgineola) to create an accompaniment for the drone. mcglothlin assembled a series of recordings taken from his walks on lynchburg’s blackwater creek trail. these recordings were sourced in the 10 mile paved route through the slope of the hill city, down to & across the james river, over percival’s island, & into amherst county farmland.

the end result is this single track 30 minute composition. in the spirit of greg davis & jim o’rourke, we present to you “the trail at blackwater creek”.

AVAILABILITY: clear cassette w/ digital download
ARTWORK: courtesy of the harding street assembly lab
PURCHASE: click here


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