HSAL #12 (digital comp #2)

HSAL #12 cover

HSAL 12: Digital Compilation #2 (virginia, winter 2010)

HSAL #12 is our second digital compilation. again, we have focused our attention on the sounds around us, specifically, the old dominion. with a year behind us, we decided it would be rad to include new tracks from some of our artists along side of material from artists we currently admire. our good friends rugby (who are about to release their debut cassette, “indian corn”), long division (from norfolk, TLVS is doing a split lathe cut 10″ with them this spring), boas (fresh off the heels of his critically acclaimed self-titled LP), & evenings (whose debut EP, “north dorm”, was one of the sexiest records to come out in 2010) have all contributed tracks. we are also jazzed to have a new track from the snowy owls, a venture from richmond luminary matt klimas (he’s involved in nearly a half-dozen other great bands from the capital city as well). from our current roster, we have new, never before heard cuts from herizon (who is finishing up tracks for his one-sided LP), goodwill falcon (who now call norfolk home), brian hall (his “orquestra altavista” should FINALLY see the light of day this spring!) & the late virginia summers (they are debuting an early version of a piece they are doctoring up for their aforementioned 10″). speaking of TLVS, “red buffalo check” from their “porcelain” LP has been remixed by white laces for this release as well! all in all, there’s nearly an hour of quality jams from across the ol’ dominion…

AVAILABILITY: digital download
ARTWORK: courtesy of the harding street assembly lab
PURCHASE: click here (it’s FREE!)

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