hey…where you at? (we right here!)

it’s high time for an update from the lab…and, away we go!

– our music groups have shows going on all month long! from local sightings by members of TLVS (asentimentalsong is performing @ the white hart downtown) to dates in preparation for a stint at this year’s CMJ festival (white laces are playing with sore eros, eternal summers, & more up the east coast), the assembly lab is coming on strong at the onset of autumn. you can check out a full listing of show dates & venues here.

– richmond based blog “in the black & white” recently featured the lab in their weekly write-up! plenty of great B&W photos as well a streaming sampler curated by pj sykes, whose photography has recently been showing up in LP art from the likes of versus & superchunk! click here to read the entire article.

ALASKA has finished up their debut full length! we are currently waiting for the LP’s (white vinyl!!!) to return from press & anticipate a 11/09/10 release date (just in time for the group to finish the year strong with a series of shows in support of the record). the album features 7 solid jams filled with quick changes ushered in by a powerful rhythm section & tons of catchy licks that seem to have time traveled to this record from some old ventures outtakes! you can stream “our kind of weather” here.

– finally, more mentions of our groups along the information superhighway:
goodwill falcon: click here
white laces: click here & here
CAVE DRUMS & ommacobba: click here

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