more web mentions of our jams!

more recent mentions from across the world wibe web:

– jason from what to wear during an orange alert has goodwill falcon‘s “gameboy camera” (on his “private tones” EP) on his playlist these days.

WRIR’s “activate!” show has been playing white laces‘ “motorik twilight” of late.

get off the coast has some super kind words regarding TLVS‘ “porcelain” 12″ LP: “the late virginia summers’ new album, porcelain, is an ambient cosmic ride, touring all the planets and stars and leaving nothing out. you feel all the universe move around you as you’re pulled in.

– scott hansen of ISO50: “I feel like there will be a good amount of music like The Late Virginia Summers in the future…that mixture of post rock and upfront electronics delivered in a somber way…

europe has begun to make mention of “porcelain” as well. WARNING – you will need to translate this one. at least, we needed to translate (it was all literally greek to us).

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