HSAL #03

HSAL 03: The Late Virginia Summers, “Porcelain” $13 PPD

“porcelain” represents a sort of rebirth for TLVS. it’s the first time that the band has presented recordings as a two piece (not including last year’s HSAL #02, whose a side also appears here). it’s also the first time that the band took on all the tracking, mixing, & assembling of an album themselves. the full length (7 songs clocking in at just over 34 minutes) showcases a maturity & reach only flirted with on the group’s previous affairs (2007’s “sundowning“, 2008’s “winter” EP). at times layered & vibrant (“pebble azalea starfish”, “deep persimmon”), at others somber & fluid (“marbled atlantic”, “twilight wash”), this record is the culmination of a new dream for the late virginia summers.

AVAILABILITY: marbled vinyl 12″ + digital download, limited run of 100
ARTWORK: courtesy of the harding street assembly lab
PURCHASE: http://tlvs.bandcamp.com


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