spring release schedule updates!

so, we are still eagerly awaiting the delivery of our fist two cassette releases (HSAL #05 – goodwill falcon & HSAL #09 – white laces). they should arrive at the lab any day now. we hope to have these in & ready to ship this week. for those of you who have pre-ordered one or both of these EP’s, look for a confirmation email in the coming days, informing you that we have shipped your cassettes out.

our biggest endeavor yet, the “porcelain” 12″ LP by the late virginia summers (HSAL #03) is set up to be released in a few weeks. while getting everything together for the record, we were able to get the digital version of the album online. for those of you who are not necessarily interested in a physical copy, “porcelain” is now available for $7 here. NOTE: the 12″ is coming with a digital download, & we completely understand if you wish to wait (we would).

REMINDER: we will take pre-orders on all of our releases up until such time as we actually have them in hand. simply send your pre-order request to hardingstreet@gmail.com. we will set up for you to go through paypal:

– HSAL #03: TLVS, “porcelain”, 12″ LP + digital download ($13)
– HSAL #05: goodwill falcon, “private tones”, cassette + digital download ($5)
– HSAL #09: white laces, “white laces”, cassette + digital download ($5)

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