pre-release scoop on HSAL releases!

it’s getting kind of hectic around the ol’ lab these days! as we continue to drum up interest in our first two singles (HSAL #01 & #02), we are preparing to release our next batch of high-octane sounds. first on the docket is “HSAL #09”, the first EP from richmond’s white laces. “motorik twilight”, the first single off of the EP, is already stirring up some buzz on the web. as the EP gets out & about, the laces are planning on a few jaunts up & down the east coast, as well as a handful of future releases by year’s end. interested parties can preorder “HSAL #09” (which will come with the ability to receive a digital copy of the cassette) by emailing us at we are also taking pre-orders for “private tones” (HSAL #05), the newest collection of tunes from williamsburg’s goodwill falcon. our goal is to have both cassettes ready to shop out by may 11th.

our other big release date centers around our first 12″. “porcelain”, the new album from the late virginia summers, is currently being mastered by chad clark (wilderness, aloha, fugazi) at silver sonya studios this week. once back from northern virginia, the record immediately goes out to press. the plan is to release the LP (plus digital download) on may 25th. we are also working on having “porcelain” available digitally through outlets such as itunes, amazon, & emusic. most likely this option will arrive online a week or two after the LP is out.

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