(star city based) kind words for HSAL #08!

so, the “in the know” roanoke based blog scenic recovery has taken the time to put down some kind words about our digital comp, HSAL #08:

“Informed by the crop of late 90’s/early 2000’s experimental indie bands like Labradford, Pan.American and Sparklehorse, HSAL #8 is a deliciously lo-fi compilation of VA-based bands that have worked in and with the Lynchburg-based Harding St. family. Everything from ambient, Eno-style soundscapes (A Sentimental Song), twee-folk (Moruza) to noise and dream-pop (Herizon, Goodwill Falcon) is represented, and gives a good idea of the kind of music being made under the radar in the Old Dominion. Did we also mention that it’s free?”

also, one of scenic’s writers put together a 10 minute sound collage based on the different tracks from HSAL #08. you can stream that here.


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