it’s been a while. let’s catch up, shall we?

UPDATE: our first cassette releases, each including a full digital download, are coming along nicely. williamsburg based electro-pop wunderkind goodwill falcon has turned in “private tones”, a 5 song EP with a stellar reworking of “the painter’s daughter (which was one of the hooks the falcon used to capture our ears last year). richmond’s white laces have doubled up with their self-titled EP. side a contains 4 jams, two of which were tracked at the legendary sound of music studios. the b side showcases frontman landis wine’s exploratory tendencies, with 3 abstract guitar washes. the incestuous CAVE DRUMS have offered up 7 lo-fi scorchers to serve as the a side of a split with canadian dead heads ommacobba & the east side marijuana band. interesting note: all three of our cassettes will feature a reworked versions of tunes featured on our digital comp!

UPDATE: having recently logged some serious road trip hours to & from the northeast, herizon has drunk deep from the well of inspiration. word has him working on what may become herizon’s next piece of vinyl. word also has a long-awaited live set materializing later this spring. while we don’t have all the details just yet, we have been told that a couple dates in virginia & north carolina are among the plans.

UPDATE: the late virginia summers has finally finished up “porcelain”, their follow-up to 2008’s “winter”. the two piece are working on a mid-may release date, with a handful of shows to support. up first is friday, april 23rd at the good cherry (forest virginia) with label mates white laces. this particular event will be a celebration of the current exhibit by our friend shan eberhardt. it’s called “blue nights“.

UPDATE: our records, including our first release, the split 7” b/t herizon & virgineola, can now be found in roanoke’s classiest consignment shop, bazaar consignments. we’ve also began to show up in the online store of spirit of orr (run by members of sunburned hand of man!).


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